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Worldly Winds:

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Graffiti Defender







Karma Milano,

scrawled on a wall,

graffitied in letters,

four foot tall.


3:15 throwies,

an homage on bricks,

tag line, street culture,

for Sheffield six.



Lovingly sprayed,

on the wall of a tunnel,

devotion displayed.


Gouranga, nostalgia,

for he who dares,

high on a bridge,

black on white squares.


Station slam wildstyles,

pigmented praise,


now,  let us spray.


A spot of heaven,

anarchic art,

a ghost of a shadow,

let us depart.


© Culture Vulture 20.12.12

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Photo Credit – Graffiti Defender (Photo credit: SheffTim)



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I am a practising Buddhist, meditator, mother, wife, freelance Interpreter and poet! I love meditating, reading, writing, irritating my kids and eating chocolate - though not necessarily in that order!

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