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Well, hello again. I’m sorry for my long absence. I’ve been sick for almost a month now and just today am having my first decent day. I guess it’s “going around,” this deep barking hacking cough, pain on swallowing, and all the awful symptoms of flu and bronchitis.

My husband got it over the weekend. We had to cancel our travel plans to North Carolina to see my brother and his family for eight days, however we have rearranged our plans to leave this coming Sunday, and will be home on Jan. 6.

It’s so aggravating to feel this miserable, not be able to participate at all in Christmas festivities, and just hang around the house sleeping and napping and taking medicines and moping and wishing we felt better.

My husband was better on Mon., but this cough of mine is stubborn and has held on tightly. I have an appointment with a pulmonologist tomorrow, and am actually feeling better today, back to the land of the living. So I wanted to pop onto 20 Lines to at least say “hi.”

Hi. : )

Author: Maggie

I am a retired language arts teacher from the Midwest who has published a book of poems. I write poetry in the classic forms. My reading interests are non-fiction, especially in the areas of medicine and spirituality. I am a pianist, and also enjoy word puzzles and games.

4 thoughts on “Saga

  1. Ooh, enjoy your new toy!

    • I’m sorry, I was reading WordPress on my iPad and somehow this comment intended for another blogger posted to yours instead. Feel better!

  2. Feel better soon they say an area of our country has thousands suffering from Whooping cough and it is horrible to get and so catchy :(



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