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Pretty Pink and Reds




We came across this beautiful site on Christmas Day
Stand right out PINK

I see Deer browsing the tops of what I call Lichen really not sure yet what this is I must look it up unless you know.

It was one of many gifts I got. Today these are under a foot of heavy wet SNOW



One of our Pair of Cardinals I know you can see the pretty Red male can you find her?

Oh and do you notice the SNOW lol

Author: nutsfortreasure

Retired female trucker Photographer Gardener Jewelry maker(beads and glass) Animal Lover Blogger lol but you knew that lol Find me at Living and Lovin here on WP Folsom Mill Studio on Facebook Now selling prints on Redbubble, Society6, Zazzle, and of course Fine Art America, Pinning as well! Share my links with anyone who may have an interest and always feel free to email me at myremmy@hotmail.com I do not know why my blog link doesn't appear below my Gravatar :(

20 thoughts on “Pretty Pink and Reds

  1. Yep I see snow Eunice.. I see snow ;-) x

  2. Those birds look amazing against the SNOW! (We don’t get cardinals here!)

    • Thanks they are the most loved birds here in New England :) Christmas cards sell out when you place on on them :)

      Did you have a nice Christmas?

      I am trying to loose 5 lbs. by weigh-in on Monday with all of this snow and shoveling it may happen I need to get to GOAL weight so I can attend meetings for FREE oh and be healthy as I can be :) after all it will soon be the New Year and we are all here :) Have a Happy New Years Eve and New Year Cathy I lost my RSS button so slowly I am getting to all to arrive to my gmail reader :)

      I am starting to share my Photography non goofy ones, on a site and see what happens this coming year :)

      Take Care


      • Shovelling is great exercise for burning calories… hope you make your goal Eunice! That’ll be such a good start to the new year for you. Lots of luck and happiness in 2013! :D Hugs!

      • Thanks so much Cathy
        I am inspired to PUSH through Pain to get what it is I want :)
        Poor doctors will not make much money on me :)


  3. Wonderful photographs. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Those mushroom looking things are very interesting – especially pushing up through the snow! Good luck with reaching goal – it’s something I need to start work on, but it will take a few months. Drat. Not fair that it is so easy to gain!

    • I know what you mean lol at 56 I do so good on food but if I do not move I go down .4 or up.6 :( I am determined not to go surgery route with yoga, walking and exercises I can do that don’t cause me pain will make me stronger than just weight loss :)

      Can’t wait to see what it is growing out back I loved the Pink stood right out he thought I was nuts he did not see then I pulled one out and put against my Red Glove it had roots :)

  5. Just lovely. Yes, I found Mrs. Cardinal! Keep gifting our eyes with your wonderful photographs, Eunice. <3 Bette

  6. Now you’ve jinxed me..snow is on the way for tomorrow ! Hope youwere able to dig out from your snow Eunice. Happy New Year !

  7. I just told you on my blog that I hadn’t seen any pink lichens but I forgot about these bubble gum pink ones that I saw about a month ago. They are called “Candy lichens” (Icmadophila ericetorum) for obvious reasons.

    • Thanks I was guessing what they were but I Goggled Pink Lichen and was excited to see others knew what I was seeing lol Did not know the name thanks I LOVED seeing them Christmas afternoon just before spooking a male Black Bear that hangs out here :)

  8. Mrs. Cardinal at bottom left center…


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