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I hide within a quilt…


I hide within a quilt

gazing at the ceiling

pondering over things

and finally, getting tortured

by my conflicting thoughts-

the night goes on

and I  succumb to sleep

with no dreams.

Author: anmol(alias HA)

I am a whimsical writer, a passionate poet and a righteous reader, but above all I am a benign being drifting along the winds of the days that make a lifetime.

2 thoughts on “I hide within a quilt…

  1. Yes I think you are awriter and you definitely need to write what goes on in your mind and in your heart. It may not be a cure, but it helps to share it at least, and it matters. Even if all hope is gone, I believe that there new dreams to dream and that there is always something new to experience. Listen to new songs, for example, read a new book, meet someone new, write a new line or more…Sometimes a simple poem gives hope again. Take care,


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