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If this were my last ever blog post…


=========  I ===========
10         The colonial masters divided our Africa
20         According to their will and cruel nature
30                  Its adverse impact still lingers on
40             Due to them and we playing oblivion
50                 Such division I will not perpetuate
60                 So I pray thee join me to mitigate
70           Need I say if you show me your friend
80          I may be unable to tell if you’re a fiend

=========  II ===========
90           But from now if you tell me your tribe
100                  I’ll show you the work of a scribe
110        And if you show me your political party
120       I’ll show how you’re tearing our country
130  It’s only when you tell me you’re Ghanaian
140   Tat I’ll show my pride as a co-countryman
150       Who avoids any form of divisive mantra
160  Cos tho several people we’re in one Ghana

Copyright © 2012 | Joseph Budu

Author: Joseph Budu

I am a Projects Coordinator at PearlRichards Foundation, where everyone holds the belief in giving ideas spaces to grow into business entities. My interest in computers underlies both my undergraduate and postgraduate education in information technologies and systems. I currently work as Training Consultant for eScripts Solutions, a Ghanaian firm which provides enterprise content management solutions.

5 thoughts on “If this were my last ever blog post…

  1. I think this is really smashing!

    • Dear Petal, Wordweb dictionary tells me that ‘smashing’ as an adjective means ‘very good’, and as a noun, ‘the act of breaking something into small pieces’. I’d like both; thanks for making my head swell… and for seeing my intention to break into rubbles all the ethnocentric and political walls erected in our societies… still 1 Ghana/Africa/World


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