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Sometimes, when I look at a picture of a child, I can see the adult they might become.  And sometimes, upon viewing a picture of a friend, see the child they must have been.  Both, a wedge of orange:  a sweet delight.

Author: Melissa Hassard

"I am always doing things I can't do. That's how I get to do them." -- Pablo Picasso

5 thoughts on “Glimpse

    • :) Thank you, sweetheart. A picture of a friend went by on my Facebook feed yesterday, and suddenly, in her eyes, and posture, with her shoulders held back and holding a very sweet smile,, I saw her as a young girl. It was a sweet little moment.

      • Your welcome :-) I have a pic on ramblings when I was very young. I also have one at my daughters wedding. One of my followers picked which one amongst a group of friends that was me (in the younger one) …simply because she had looked at both photos and I had my legs crossed in both!. Funny how characteristics carry on without us even realising it. We can’t hold the clock, but at least we can still provoke good memories :-)

      • What a sweet story! :) Yes. And sometimes we catch a glimpse of ourselves again, don’t we?


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