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Awareness to Cruelty


I wrote this because of my love for dogs and the cruelty they endure at the hand of man.

Stick cracks hard across my back
hunger, taunted, teased
caged without affection
never knowing what love is

mankind your cruelty
will not be discharged
you starve my needs
my hate augments
as I witness
others feed

you yell and kick and spit on me
as I lay quiet and cringing
on the ground
I want to please that’s all I know
explain the wrongs I’ve done

humiliation, lack of worth have I
the life not born to lead
don’t pit me against my adversary
this is what I silently plea

my limbs are weak
my body writhes each day
in pain, battle-scarred, agony
let me sleep
to not wake up again

I beg you stop this

bets are laid I’m dragged outside
the sunlight hurts my eyes
I have so much hate
churning through me
hate I cannot hide

laughter heard from men that stand
and taunt and scream the word ‘kill’
please don’t let me continue this
stop me now, I will

be the dog that you could love
not filled with animosity
I was born to love
give pleasure to the one
that owned and comforted me

I pace the ring do as I’m told
like a boxer ready for the fight
the other lurches teeth in my neck
latches on with all his mite

I beg you stop this

my blood pours and hits the ground
each droplet make men roar
I fight only to defend, relieve me
of this now

Wounds are left to heal alone
sores infest blood dried on skin
lick my cuts to try and heal
ready for the next battle

What pleasure can be found
in this ‘sport’ this blood thirst act
I struggle, don’t understand
as you witness, laugh, applaud
who will be the last to stand

Man is cruel I’ve learnt through time
to continue this atrocious game
I just want love and to be held
I will never be the same

Please Let Us Try to Stop Dog – Fighting…or any animal fighting.

A useless, senseless and disgusting act by the most cruel and depraved individuals, for their pleasure, for a bet … just to see a dog pulling another to shreds….

Author: ramblingsfromamum

Writing is as natural to me as breathing. I shall never cease walking the path to find the writer within. I hope that you walk beside me on my journey of self discovery. I am the Author of The Empty Nest - A Mother's Hidden Grief (E Pub) through Amazon & Lulu. Born under the star sign of Cancer ~ 19th July Thank you for stopping by. Jenny - Melbourne Australia

4 thoughts on “Awareness to Cruelty

  1. This is beautifully sad and so very full of truth we must put it to music and play on SPCA ad here in America they would love it for the truths it speaks I have a Football player here in USA I would love to make read it but in the end I pray they shall reap what they put out on others it really is the perfect ending for bastards who beat others be it man, woman or child and most definitely our poor helpless animals XO

  2. You have my permission Eunice to use it however you can to try and help this atrocity. I for the life of me cannot understand why mankind takes pleasure in such a revolting, insidious act. Perhaps the excuse of “I was a troubled child’ or “I was abused” will rear its ugly head again. I would love if this was out there – in the hope that we can try and make more people aware. Something needs to be done and soon.. These bastards cannot continue to do this… I am sickened by the need to pit any animal against it’s own. Thank you Eunice. xxx

  3. Tearfully, heartbreakingly well written…


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