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You are my sunshine,
my only sunshine.
Keep shining, please, stay bright.

God portioned out the sunbeams.
You are His glory reflected as in a mirror.

I think of friends as charms
on my bracelet.
Tell me, which are you?

I choose music, books,
pines, children, love.
I wonder what is precious to you.

Created to be special you,
individual, one of a kind,
you color the world.

Sounds of love come softly,
the memories of your words
echoing through my heart.

Thank you for the little things,
those joys with small smiles
I keep forever.

How do you know
just what I need?
You tune in so quietly, knowingly.

Love is a soft friend
padding through the hidden-away spaces
in my heart.

Come, hold my hand.
Together we can brave the cold
and bring on spring.

If you would stay
close by my side,
I could overcome my daily challenges.

Look around.
See the small things.
Let them speak to you,
bringing their joy.

Your laugh fills me
like a balloon with air.
Never be silent. Laugh on.

What do you think about
when nighttime shades your windowsill?
I think of you.

Treasures accrue.
Just look around. Coins wait for your taking.
We count our gold.

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Author: Maggie

I am a retired language arts teacher from the Midwest who has published a book of poems. I write poetry in the classic forms. My reading interests are non-fiction, especially in the areas of medicine and spirituality. I am a pianist, and also enjoy word puzzles and games.

Write. Talk. Tell me everything.

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