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14 Words


Compassion and respect,
both components of love,
and, yes, I see them in you.

Taking steps down peace paths
will change our world
in ways we can’t imagine.

You go out of your way
for me. I don’t know why.
Thank you.

Let’s open our eyes
to the possibilities for peace
when we look for goodness.


Author: Maggie

I am a retired language arts teacher from the Midwest who has published a book of poems. I write poetry in the classic forms. My reading interests are non-fiction, especially in the areas of medicine and spirituality. I am a pianist, and also enjoy word puzzles and games.

3 thoughts on “14 Words

  1. Reblogged this on lettersfromzee and commented:
    Ok….This is quite creative

  2. Beautiful Maggie, I love it, thank you !

  3. Absence of violence = pervasive peace. Alas! Humanity can be defined by its wars, the pinnacle of violence…


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