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Taking My Medicine, by Susan Dean Wessells


Fish oil capsules slide right down.
Neurontin follows after.
Wellbutrin and Abilify
turn sadness into laughter.

Furosemide sticks in my throat,
I choke upon it daily;
while Trazadone at night I take
to greet the morning gaily.

Coreg and an aspirin
both for my heart I’m taking,
A variety of vitamins
are another cocktail making.

I take a few prescription drugs
that help me remain placid.
Omeprazole magnesium
protects from too much acid.

Let’s not forget the insulin
at breakfast, lunch and dinner.
It keeps my blood from sugar highs,
but doesn’t keep me thinner.

Susan Dean Wessells

Author: Melissa Hassard

"I am always doing things I can't do. That's how I get to do them." -- Pablo Picasso

2 thoughts on “Taking My Medicine, by Susan Dean Wessells

  1. Marvelous. I loved this, Susan.

  2. Brave poem for a brave heart ! I take medicine too, Susan, so I do relate to this ! I still have to deal with it, nevertheless…Take care,


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