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Melissa Hassard:

Sharing this with everyone because it’s a new form for me and I thought you might like it, too. Plus, if you’re not familiar with dVerse, check them out!

Today, finally, is a poetry day, so maybe I’ll be able to tuck one here today too!
Cheers, and happy writing!


Originally posted on dVerse:

Good afternoon/evening/morning everyone, depending on which of the world’s time zones you are in. My name is Tony Maude and this is my first time presenting Form for All.

A couple of Saturdays ago Fred hosted An Evening of Short Verse, using his Poetics prompt to challenge us to write poems of 12 lines or fewer. Many of us chose to use all 12 lines, thus neatly avoiding the need to be too brief;– I know I did … smiles.

When considering traditional poetry forms, which is part of what we do in Form For All, it seems to me that we are somewhat prone to overlooking the various short forms that have been developed over the centuries. I’m sure we’ve all tried our hand at haiku – and it’s just about a year since Madeleine Begun Kane taught us how to write limericks, but most of us…

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Author: Melissa Hassard

"I am always doing things I can't do. That's how I get to do them." -- Pablo Picasso

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