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Poetry Challenge for April


April is National Poetry Month

We’ve all heard of the a-poem-a-day challenges for April, or 30 Days, 30 Poems, but here is a unique challenge for the month of April to hone your skills as a writer and poet, introduced by Richard Krawiec, who himself is an enormously talented writer, poet, teacher and editor.  (Please read more about Richard here.)  I asked him if it would be alright to extend his challenge into our community.

Here’s the gist, in his words:

April is poetry month and there are all kinds of ‘write-a-poem-a-day’ contests.  I see the discipline of doing something like that, but I think the emphasis on producing a large number of poems is wrong – it shouldn’t be how many poems we write. One excellent poem is far more valuable than 30 decent poems.

So my challenge is this – for April start a poem on April 1 and revise it every day. 29 revisions of one poem.

Are  you in?  

I am, and to the extent that I can, will work on it publicly here, on 20 Lines.

If you wish to stay true to the 20 Lines format, write a few lines of it each day.  Or write several and then revise.  Or whatever works for you.  I am going to consciously compose and work the poem differently than I normally would, to see what happens.

You can share along the way, or at the end, or even not at all — but let me know if you’re going to be working on this — I’d love it if you’d join me.

Cheers, and happy writing,


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Author: Melissa Hassard

"I am always doing things I can't do. That's how I get to do them." -- Pablo Picasso

49 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge for April

  1. This is SUCH a good idea. Revision is exceedingly creative. It’s like having a vision on top of a vision on top of a vision, ad infinitum.


  2. This is great! I will most definitely be doing this! I hope I can make it the whole month!

  3. I think this is far more productive and better then dishing out a new poem after a new poem. I am in!:)

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  5. Sounds very interesting! I’m in too!

  6. Great idea… seems difficult for a hasty writer like me but I would definitely try..

  7. Hmm shall I ? I think the better way for me, would be to write a few lines and then add to it each day, that way I will have a different thought pattern and it will be interesting to see what sort of mess I end up with. If this is the case if ‘we add on’ I assume what we initially write must remain the same? Sorry for my confusion.

  8. Nice idea – if only I had 29 days of creativity in me. Tend to get stuck in a one track mind

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  13. Reblogged this on BalconyViewz and commented:
    This sounds like a great idea for Poet’s Month!

  14. I will give it a try too. Thanks

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  19. am in..no wuestion of a doubt lol

  20. am in..no question of a doubt lol

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  23. I love your challenge. Rewriting is indeed something hard to do to much of. But I disagree with your statement about writing a poem a day, the intention is to keep you writing, not to produce any number of poems (the trip, not the destination).

    • Ah, fair enough. Both strategies are useful in creating stronger and stronger poems. Thank you for your thoughts and I hope you are joining in at least one poetry challenge somewhere!

      Cheers, and Happy National Poetry Month!


  24. Is it fair to start with Gibberish (mostly unintentional) and revise from there ? :)


    On the other hand, I might ruin my best work so far ;)

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  28. HI, I’m late, but I’m in…

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