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crocus abd bees 2012 001

Sunless skies, endless
grey clouded over grey crusted
snow, creating havoc for crocus shoots
struggling to make their stand.

Winter, a slow
death by its thousand windy cuts
and imperceptable emotional fade, now
so few words shared between them.

All purple and
orange in full bloom swathed across
front yard lawns stirring expectations, and
memories of their languid summer days.

Teal sky
days that start warm ending warmer,
their uninterrupted steady sun and their
sleeveless shirts and moist sweaty skin.

Sun, her kiss
once assured his unsteady heart. So many
purple and orange reasons to be hopeful but
March, always the cruel reminder.

written March 2013
revised FOR April 2013 :- /

Author: whocouldknowthen

a partner, a father, an ex-painter turned storyteller, a collector of small details that would otherwise go unnoticed, dipping a tentative toe into poetry.....so now of course i have to write about love, which i do, but a fairest of warnings friends if you haven't already noticed, i have a well of melancholy a mile deep......

3 thoughts on “s.a.d.ness

  1. magnificent verses ! I was even feeling sunlight !

    • you are so very kind, this last week i certainly needed all the memories of warm sunny days, my mind could muster.

      writing and unleashing my imagination has surely helped, thank you.

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