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In this life

We make mistakes

We hurt the ones we love

Turn a blind eye

When someone else is doing wrong.

It happens,

It’s part of this messy thing

We call life,

We’re human

And mistakes are practically coded

Into our DNA.

It’s how we learn,

It’s how we grow.

But growth can only happen

If we own our mistakes.

To acknowledge and embrace

The mistakes that we have made

Is a huge step towards

Moving forward.

To say to someone else

That mistake was ours

We empower not only ourselves

But those around us.

Let’s stop pretending we are perfect

Let’s take a step back down

Hold hands with one another

Be the space where

Mistakes can be owned and

Reparations made.

Responsibility and forgiveness

Are two sides of the same coin.

A coin we all must investigate

And add to our collection

Using frequently each day.

One thought on “Responsibility

  1. Reblogged this on Crazy ~ Beautiful~ Addicted and commented:
    I thought this poem seemed fitting when thinking about the ones that I love and how they decide to value me and our love for one another, or the lack of love for one another. Hmmm….makes you wonder if it really love or is it out of protecting one another that we are allowing someone to do wrong instead of assisting them with the correct guidance. I feel that it is a little of both and the fact that everyone wants everyone else to fall behind them in the game of failure, especially if it makes them look better. —Now how sad is that!!


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