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The man in the window …

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It has happened again….

Originally posted on timzauto.... in search of the blond haired kid:

On several occasions growing up we as children heard noises that kinda couldn’t be explained . Being children with wide imaginations nothing was really done about it. My parents always said it was just housing noises from the house being a hundred plus years old. 

My brothers and sister all had moved as i have been gone for many years. The only time i remember spending here there were several people and nothing really happened . I have recently moved back here on a permanent basis and things seem different . I can always feel a presence in the house , it’s really weird . Items have been moved when no one has been in the room , and last summer a year ago I heard a voice in the garage . I pulled my phone out quickly and snapped this picture .



This photo is the garage window…

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One thought on “The man in the window …

  1. Paranormal? I get the “para” but what is “normal”, anyway?


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