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The Music

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The ceiling stares back at me

Sprawled on the cold hard floor,


In the darkness I watch the lights

From passing cars, creep across the room.


I’m lost in another world, far away

The music picks me up, lifts me and carries me away

Dances play in the movies of my mind.


I listen wholly, with all of me

Shutting out the rest of the world

Just to be with the music

Let it sink into every pore.

I want it to take hold.


It’s like a drug, alters my emotions

Takes me high, brings me low.

Makes me move, dance and shake

Induces tears I’m unable to stop.


I lay pressed against the floor

To feel the vibrations

Make it even more real,

As I relax, I feel each muscle give way

Release into the music,

It calms me and sets me free

I won’t be still for long

The music always moves me

And then I’m who I was always meant to be.

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