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My Mini Musician


Even though my life seems to be spiraling down a black hole, this munchkin child of mine makes everything so much better so if you’re having trouble finding a smile watch this. =)

Author: A Passionate Dreamer

If I haven't had coffee don't think I am capable of carrying on a conversation with you, cause I'm not. I'm a mother above all but I write... I read.. I dance.. I sing... I take long showers.. I want to move to Myrtle Beach... I'm fun... I am my own comedy show... Wheres the tequila? I need a margarita... I'm not a smoker... I work full time.. I want to go to school... I cant afford it... I've made too many mistakes and not enough good choices... I'll get to where I want to be eventually Love me

2 thoughts on “My Mini Musician

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    My baby always has a way of making me smile <3


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