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This is my favorite painting of a sandwich, which I created in order to add to my portfolio. Below my illustration is the actual photo of a sandwich that I assembled. How in the world would anyone bite into it?Sandwich Sandwich photo ref

For over thirty years, I’ve illustrated food. I’ve enjoyed sharing jobs from my career. Because I’ve illustrated so many fruits, it was easy to sort them by name. For this post, I am sharing sandwiches and even fit a s’more illustration for Honey Maid into this category.

On an advertisement for Pro Write software, I was instructed to place a package in the foreground. Later on, I painted a mouse pad to replace that part of my illustration. It made it handy so that I could market the painting in my stock library.

Pro Write softwareEach element of my painting required a lot of research and good reference. Even the pink message needed to look as if had writing on it in perspective. I enjoyed the luminescence of the soda, and hated painting the watch dial. I was proud of the rye bread and the realism of it with the seeds.

Sandwich, Soda, & Mouse Pad revisedSandwich, Soda, & Mouse Pad revisedWhen I was given the assignment to create a s’more – it was lucrative based on the fact that I only had 4 days to complete it. I have scanned the art director’s layout as well as the printed version. I was surprise how a box was inserted behind the plate on the left side, which certainly was not correct perspective by any means. But the background also had a weird look.

This was the art director's layout.

This was the art director’s layout.

As a result of this job, I learned how to microwave a perfect s’more. My own children screamed watching marshmallows blow up in the microwave after 10 seconds.Honeymaid S'more Final art

The printed version with a strange perspective.

The printed version with a strange perspective.

I share another illustration for Honey Maid, which also had an intensely difficult deadline. I searched far and wide to find a specific style of lunch box that the client wanted. It was interesting to illustrate another illustration on the box. I used a toothbrush to splatter watercolor paint in order to achieve the graham cracker texture.Honeymaid fihal art

The printed advertisement.

The printed advertisement.

This roast beef sandwich was one of my first paintings that I did when I first started my career. I certainly improved painting water droplets after many years of practice.Roast Beef SandwichBelow is a marker comp for a job that was never finalized. That often happened with many jobs, especially when a product was still being formulated.Sandwich-Salad MedleyThis illustration was very complex. It was an assignment to create a cover for a bread machine recipe book. For some reason, I never received a copy of the printed book, which I probably pursued relentlessly.Bread & Carbs close up breads even closer breadsEarly in my career, I created many illustrations that were used on a menu. I never received copies so one day I ate at the restaurant and swiped a few menus. Although I felt guilty, it was vindication because the art director tricked me. I gave up rights to my original art when I cashed the check because he wrote something on the back with those words. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay close enough attention because I was in such a hurry to deposit the check.

This job was done a long time ago and I feel old seeing those prices.

This job was done a long time ago and I feel old seeing those prices.

Spires Menu 2

I included this, even though I plan to have another post of just my burger paintings!

I included this, even though I plan to have another post of just my burger paintings!

Later in my career, a fabric company bought existing art to design a deli fabric. It was eventually used on aprons, pot holders and towels. I did not make much money and even paid for a bunch of samples because I thought they would make terrific gifts. I even use them!Deli Fabric My deli assortment

I have a lot more information about my illustration career on my blog “Illustrating My Life,” which can be found at this link: http://foodartist.wordpress.com/

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Author: Judy

I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!

4 thoughts on “I AM A SANDWICH

  1. these illustrations are amazing. I feel like I can eat them rite through the screen . Being the sandwhich freak I am , it like a photo binge:)Great work

    • Your comment made my day! I also considered myself a “Sandwich Generation” woman. But now that both of my parents have died in the last two years, I am “open-faced.” I miss my folks, but being a sandwich was definitely challenging. I’m so glad you appreciated my paintings. More to come!

  2. OH man I am so hungry now :) Beautiful work! Well known images for sure :)

  3. Absolutely perfect; now, gimme that sandwich!


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