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Cherry Group with Leaf

I am a food illustrator and have illustrated a lot of fruit. For this post I am sharing cherries. Cherries had challenges with the long and thin stems, which needed to be delicate and smooth. The dimension of a cherry was created with a bottom shadow and simple highlight.Cherries and Leaf Cherries A

It was important that the highlight wasn’t too perfect or the cherry would look like plastic. The cherries I illustrated were either bright red or a dark magenta to indicate “black cherry” flavor. Cherry leaves were interesting to paint because they had very serrated edges.Cherries Four Cherry Group Red Cherry Bunch 1 Cherry and Vanilla Cherries-Horizontal Group Cherries Cropped

For fun, I share a large fruit illustration that includes cherries. It was large because it would wrap around a jar for a jam label. The art director requested that my painting be done in a certain style.  I had to follow a certain color and texture for the leaves. And, I was told to have harsh shadows. Normally, I use reflected light on the edges of fruit and never let the shadow reach the edge. The effect was definitely interesting for me!Stylized Fruit Medley Fruit style w. cherry 3 Fruit style w. cherry 2 Fruit style w. cherry 1

My cherry illustrations were used on labels for yogurt, juice, jam and liqueur. There is one painting that was very unusual because it was for train car rentals.Take your pick Northland cherry label Mountain Sun Cherry Label Wegmans Cherry

I never liked painting clear liquid, but this painting was my best effort that I was pleased with. Close up Splash Cherry SplashSome of these paintings were rendered with markers and colored pencils and others were created with watercolor dyes. All of these paintings were done before Photoshop existed. I have a blog where I describe my technique and have a lot more information. It is at: 


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Author: Judy

I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!

2 thoughts on “A BUNCH OF CHERRIES

  1. I always click the Like button for you, before I view your illustrations, because I know I’m about to see your perfect fruits & vegetables that will rally my appetite, irresistibly for sure…

    • Thank you, Lindy Lee. I always notice your “likes” and appreciate it. You’ve made my day! And my goal is not to make them too perfect or they won’t look edible! I actually did some organic fruit and added bruises to make them more realistic!


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