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Heart of the Matter

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Just one more day
in the grind, in the bind,
and the voice in your mind
seems to whisper,
“Never let go”

Try as you may,
you can’t rest in one place,
your heart seems to wander
no matter how still your
feet stay

Late, late at night
the process unfolds,
it flows and it grows
through fingers and toes
‘til it reaches the heart
of the matter

The blank page inside you
longs to be written
your heart spills its ink
on the landscape
of life

Through all of your foibles,
your fallacies and farces,
the path in your heart is still
inky and wet

Freshly drawn, slightly smudged,
but still good as new
patiently, quietly nudging you

©SpiritLed 2014

Author: Ashley

I am… passionate & sensitive, empathic, deliberate, often fearful, empathetic, impatient, loving, kind, heart-centered, a good mother & wife, open-minded, spiritual, awakening to my gifts as a writer, a beautiful being of light!

One thought on “Heart of the Matter

  1. I like the idea of an inky wet heart.


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