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No Fear


Prompt-“If I had no fear”   

It is very hard to imagine-i had to give it a try!

When I was young, I had very little REAL fear. My fears were more the “does my hair look good, how does my tan appear, is this dress sexy? Than true fear as I feel now -old enough to know better and ALSO old enough to care.


As a mom, still young thinking grandma-(beebee is my grandma name) and daughter of an elderly father who is in poor health, fear has taken on a new meaning.


I will always fear for all of my old one’s safety-I lost a teen very suddenly at age 15. What if I did not have the fear that his loss filled me with. I think saying that I truly wouldn’t give a damn if I worried that those I love would be hurt would be a start. I would get in my car, with only a little “luggage”, drive to a secluded beach, with no way to communicate with anyone. I would lie under the stars and write what filled my soul by the light of a group of candles-all of different heights and colors.


No fear-I have no desire to “hurt myself”-been there, done that, but maybe worrying some people might be fun. I could scream, cuss, become inebriated if I wished, rid myself of the constant pain that is my life. If I were not such a “mom”, always worrying, then I could go to places I have only dreamed of, deserts, mountains, oceans and live in a cabin in the woods. Perhaps I would be young, acquire a sexy lover and spend my nights and days in a fantasy world where “what people would think” or ‘getting caught would not matter to me.


I can’t imagine having no fear-I doubt if I could conceive of it. Interesting thought, though-who knows what our minds might do without this in-born trait?


Author: beebeesworld

I have a degree in public history research. I love writing, photography, cooking, teaching, nature studies. I'm a mom and grandmom, an "old hippie".

2 thoughts on “No Fear

  1. Applause…
    Good one here. Sad that our lives somehow have to be governed by certain fears. I pray that it just doesn’t push us all down to share the trait with others…
    Well done!

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blogs. Your thoughts were appreciateed. beebeesworld


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