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I’m terribly sorry I have not been able to write this week. I have been out of town, and working constantly. The next few weeks are going to be much the same. I will do my best to write as much as possible, but please forgive me on any errors.

however, here is something new!

A Gracious Escape

I’m racing and spinning
Falling from a ledge
Taking down the branches
To brace myself
If there’s an end in sight
It’s something I’ve yet to see
All the while, the distance
Seems like there’s no gravity
I’ve turned a page
In this gracious little book
For as far as I’ve fallen,
You’d think someone would look
I guess that’s just life
In its miraculous little way
Making sure I’m defeated
Every single day
Somehow, I have no fear
Of that yet to come
Maybe it’s because you are here
And you make me numb

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For You Mr…

This is something I had written and posted in my livejournal, which I have had for years. I am trying to pick out some pieces that I have for some submissions into a few places for publication. (a whole lot easier said than done…) So by all means, all criticism is GREATLY appreciated.



Late nights
Empty highways
Fast cars
Over byways 
Street corners
Bright lights
Moonlit mountains
Endless heights
Lake shores
Stars gleaming
Brown eyes
Smiles beaming

Early mornings
Saying goodbye
Miles away
Another lie
Last drive
Heading south
Words flowing
Between mouths
Tears spilling
Over eyelids
Broken hearts
Lost kids.

Early mornings
Faded away
Late nights
Please stay
Running far
From town
Spiraling forward
Then down
Begging please
Never helped
Leaving bruises
Skin welped
Pain given
Never received
True love
Never believed…


Greedy and worthless

I’m greedy and I’m worthless
But you deserve this
If amends is to be made
I’ll probably just fake it
You lie on the table
Just lie there and take it

Tell me how you feel
Amnesty or honesty
Which is it you prefer
Take a step backwards
Trip and fall on the words
Tell me what I deserve

If hurt is what you want
Well I’ll give it my all
I won’t take your blame
No, I won’t take your fall
I’m quite a bit stronger now
I won’t break and I won’t bow

I’m greedy and I’m worthless
I might very well deserve this
Now, so do you, darling dear
I’ll make sure you hear
Every damn word, loud and clear
I’m the one and I’m here

Jumping fences

I’m jumping the fence
Running so fast
Trying to get away
I knew it wouldn’t last
I’m screaming for help
It’s just not helping
I hit the street
I’m still searching
Flashing lights and sirens
No where to be found
I trip on my feet
Straight to the ground
Your catching up
I have to get away
My ankles broken
I begin to pray
Just then I wake up
My tears falling down
I’m alive and safe
Or am I already broke down?


What Once Was

It’s that moment in life
That stops you
Dead in your tracks
Feeling incredibly nude
Only to look down at your clothes.

It’s that sigh of relief
That he just
Walked right on by
Without even a glance
Though you know he’s watching.

It’s the chills
Down your arms
As your lying there
Thinking of the past
When the present does meet expectation.

It’s the look
In those big brown eyes
That made you
Crumble in an instant
When you thought you were strongest.

It’s the feeling
You woke with
After hearing those three
Softly spoken words
Only to realize you were dreaming.

It’s shattering glass
It’s instant heartache
It’s the calmest of waters
It’s the pure beauty in perfect
It’s never going to be yours.


Not Much of an Artist These Days

Splashing paint on the canvas
With both hands at random
Expressing anger and compassion
With a color or three
A ventilation system if you wish
Another stroke of the brush
Someone calls is rubbish
Some call it a masterpiece
They clearly didn’t watch me paint it
Broken brushes and spilled paint
Gracing the rug covered floor
Its a good thing walls can’t talk
That room is my catch-all
It’s where I leave my heartbreak
And all the hatred I have
A few torn canvases are proof
Lying mangled, tangled, empty
Much like you left me


(I wrote this a few days ago. I waited to post it here because I wasn’t really sure how I felt about it. I’m still not sure, but I think it is the sum of life in general for me right now.)

There you are, screaming
Words I can’t comprehend
My minds is focusing on the sounds
Of the bike spokes passing
The ticking of the clock
The bass on the speakers
An image in the corner
My vision blurred
My minds so clear
I know exactly what’s going on
It’s like coded numbers
Painted on the walls
But the code is illegible
I’m writing so fast
But it took me two hours
A sentence through
This is so scattered
It’s like a bus versus a scooter
What does that mean anyway?
The sunrise is paintable
Oh those words, back to that
Focus on the importance
I can’t stop myself from distraction
I can’t put this together
All the wounds
I thought you were asleep
Now I see the blood
It’s over, so over
You were screaming for help
But I couldn’t help you


There was a moment in time
When I thought you meant it
It felt so real, I knew it wasn’t
I’ve been wasting these years
Like they were just mere seconds
Passing away hours and days
To keep you with me
Its taken forever for me to see
Just how crooked you were
And just have arrogant you can be
I loved the good and the bad
I’ve loved you all these years
I remember the first kiss
The smell of that cologne
Everything’s changed now
Not all for the better
You keep saying that it doesn’t matter
How can I forget this?
Five years. Five.
If this is over, I’m not alive.


Ode to the Irish in me.

A bottle of Jameson
And a best friend
When the world fails
Hit the bottle again
Jameson never fails
He keeps me tall
Makes me fearless
And makes me thankful
A best friend to hold
To keep me right
To be glued to me
In the middle of the night
When it’s me against the world
I take another drink
Jameson keeps the world balanced
He never lets me sink

This has yet to be given a fitting title.

This little town
It’s dragging me down
Sitting on the river bank
Alone, we drank
Waiting on the rising sun
Hoping it’s all done
Taking a little midnight dive
Just thankful to be alive
Losing faith in humanity
On the brink of insanity
We sit and think of ways
Try to get back those days
When happiness was easy
The wind was breezy
Life was so simple then
Now, we are facing the end
Living life in this little town
On the river, our friendship will drown.


Self Portrait


I do not have any poetry to post today. So, I thought I would upload a picture. For those wondering, this is the current look. I’m not huge on taking pictures of myself, which is in fact why I’m a professional photographer. But, alas, here I am! Ha! Hope everyone’s having a wonderful week! :)


I Drowned Trying to Talk Underwater

This dictionary game we play
Has never been so clear
I’m taking my desperate leap of fate
Just to keep you near

I know everything
You told me everything
(without saying the words)

I think of us as sunken ships
Waiting to be discovered
Overgrown with the sea’s irony
Wanting to be uncovered

I know nothing
You said nothing
(I’m fumbling your words)

If patience is our virtue, I’m screwed
Because patient I can’t be
It’s hard to be smothered by silence
So far below the sea

I’ll know something
Just say something
(this is the time for words)


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