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For the path less travelled
Is the one I chose to take
To be at peace this day
When there’s so much hate
My little car so quick
Yet I chose to stop in the road
Just to take a picture
Of what’s left of my hope
My mother always said
You can go home always
When all goes wrong
I go back a lot these days




A little insignificant
All those words
I’ll scatter them
Over the river rocks
All the nothingness
Trapped behind
Those big brown eyes
Are you capable
Of feeling at all
No regrets you say
I’ve lived a thousand
Lies before you
And I’ll continue
To live a billion more
All the cliche gestures
Are just that
Too cliche to save
You and me
I would just write
You off anyway


Where Happiness Lies

A mountain top at six am
Overlooking a river
Three thousand feet below
Dangling feet
Over the ledge
Breathing deep just to know
Sharp rocks
Settling on skin
Never could feel more alive
In an instant
Head first
Could take the last dive
Instead I stand
Firmly on the ground
Knowing that I’ll be alright
Walking away
Just at dusk
Mountains aren’t so safe at night



The Sharp Edge

Honesty is rare
Even among friends
Lying is easier
You’ve done it again
Tell me how it feels
To get trapped in your lies
By the only person
Who always hears your cries
It shouldn’t be hard
To just say what is true
To the only girl
Who could never hurt you
She’s told you
Everything about her life
You tattooed those words
On the edge of your knife
As quickly as
You let her fall for you
You turned your back
And said you were through


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