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Originally posted on angelkiss134us:

Loneliness creeps in

A slow-rolling fog

Time, a numbing existence

Weakening resolve

Replacing logic with

breathless emotion

As the heart of the soul

Weeps with frustration.


Restlessly dangling

Such a delicate string

Frayed by ambiguity

Connected only by a

Thin thread of sheer will.

Pensive, patient passion

The tiny, clinging knot –

A cardinal memory

Growing less vivid

With each day’s distance.


Assuaging fear

Clouds of indecision

Scatter, revealing

A solitary stranger

Holding on to nothing

An unfettered lifeline snaps

Plunged humbly and absolutely

Swimming against the current

Drowning in a sea of whys.

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Originally posted on angelkiss134us:

Deafening silence approaches

A swarming tempest of despair

Attaching emptiness to, first the eyes,

Then the smile,

Finally, the words.

Bitter air abandons eternity

Flanking the distance

Between two misguided souls.

Avoiding desolation –

Approaching desperation.

Pasty white expectations

Glare accusingly

From every shadowed corner

And glide seamlessly over

Shocking details

To havens of brave disillusion

Where the gravity of

A beautiful, ineffable mystery

Has never pulled them

Into a forbidden embrace.

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Originally posted on angelkiss134us:

The silky sound of your voice

Wraps around me like warmth

Sheathing my soul in comfort

Completing all the voids

Soothing spent emotions

Allowing me the pleasure

Of losing myself

In this moment.


Your words glide freely

Through the echoes in my life

Caressing my hollow spirit

Illuminating obscure corners

Vitalizing my senses

Punctuating each inflection

As they flow gently

From your lips.

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Silent trumpet sounds


The oblivious and innocent

Into vacuous voids,

ethereal eclipses –

Angelic wings dance blithely

Dripping tiny baubles of hope

Melting in mid-air

Dreams, splayed like kindling

Beneath a roaring fire

Where sparks ignite the dirt

With stars too heavy to fly toward the moon

Suffocating lest fingertips burn

Leaving ashy-white memories

Subtly heralding promises of pleasure.

Etched on mental panes

Snowflake images of perfection

transforming teardrops

with the heat from one

quiet sigh.


I miss you

Originally posted on angelkiss134us:

Until the earth claims our bones

Or the wind catches our ashes

There will always be tomorrow

We will always meet again.

Your eyes will seek my soul

In the first light of day.

My lips will call your name

As raindrops echo in the night.

Your touch will melt my heart

As surely as the sound of your voice

Will make it whole again.

Separately, together

We will remember

Many crossroads

And wonder where the next one


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Lost in the Music


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Originally posted on angelkiss134us:

Lost in the music…

Floating down a lazy, winding river

Feeling raindrops freckle my face

Swept into the sensuality –

A romantic interlude


De capo, crescendo, al fine

Rhythmic and intense

Senses daring to relax

Movement of intimate arms

so familiar – they could have been

extracted from the soul.

Life’s riddles explained

If only for a beat

Allowing all the questions – pesante –

Individuality – freedom – relief

No judgment

A novice will never recognize

A single sharp note

Amidst perfect composition

Lost in the music…

Lost in the moment


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Private intimations

Stun and astonish,

With subtle divulgence,

Scattered scantily

Amid common communication

A monotone revelation

Drifting on halcyon air.

An ominous precursor –

Flashing red lights,

Bells clanging, flags waving

Madly with such tragic bane –

Even clouds burrow humbly,

Shrouding rays of the sun

Awed and moved

Propitious foretelling,

A brilliant full-moon flight

Withering silence

simultaneously freed

And paralyzed

By the escape of such

Transcendent truth

Rationed to a rapt mind.

Trust of the un-trusting

Meandering beyond boundaries

Of a self-conscious mind.


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