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There's enough for everyone!

There’s enough for everyone!

The human seems to always lack
Something either white or black
Other times the colour’s not specific
We just wish to be very prolific

Such lack could be so intense
Even to make us risk a sentence
Acting so primitive that
We don’t care falling flat

The patience to wait
Like a lady’s hair to plait
Could be so elusive
Yet it’s the core of this missive

This is where Providence comes in
To give all you need for life’s mission
To show there’s enough for everyone
And no need to envy anyone

Copyright © 2013 | Joseph Budu

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Respect Water!

When you upen the tap
Think about the water you sap
Ask if there’s anything
You could do towards reducing
The amount of water you will
Use for the chore until
You get to that inner area
Which senses the scarcity of water

If you think it’s too tedious
Imagine yourself bringing
Water from the taps outside
Into your room upside
Think of how people struggle
Just to get a sip without smuggle
Perhaps may prick thy being
To use water with a sense of saving


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Change attitude towards water!

Our taps stopped flowing
Just for some hours fleeting
Can’t describe the discomfort
When I needed to use the pot

It all started coming to me
But for water running free
How would humans survive
How would vegetation thrive

I began to think deeply
How water’s wasted greatly
Within the home and many places
Without effort to pull our laces

Laces to our conservational boots
Boots we need to cut the roots
Of bad attitude towards water use
How we’ve no concern to refuse

To be wasters of precious Water
And rather learn to be a Saver
If you care about the future
Let’s wreck wantons wasting water



If this were my last ever blog post…

=========  I ===========
10         The colonial masters divided our Africa
20         According to their will and cruel nature
30                  Its adverse impact still lingers on
40             Due to them and we playing oblivion
50                 Such division I will not perpetuate
60                 So I pray thee join me to mitigate
70           Need I say if you show me your friend
80          I may be unable to tell if you’re a fiend

=========  II ===========
90           But from now if you tell me your tribe
100                  I’ll show you the work of a scribe
110        And if you show me your political party
120       I’ll show how you’re tearing our country
130  It’s only when you tell me you’re Ghanaian
140   Tat I’ll show my pride as a co-countryman
150       Who avoids any form of divisive mantra
160  Cos tho several people we’re in one Ghana

Copyright © 2012 | Joseph Budu

The way out…

In my deepest despairs
When I know not what to do
I search for thrills in pairs
My heart a refuge to put into

All artificial things seem calmer
The movies, music, internet
All because I’m a teetotaller
Their thrills r but not permanent

Stepping out doesn’t help much
Cos everyone’s got their own
Yours they listen, theirs they mulch
So why not go to the Savior known

So I grab the Holy Word of God
Read any portion coming to mind
I see how the fathers have trod
And remember I’ve been blind

My body doesn’t see the sense
But my soul feels enlightened
In its depths and over its fence
And thank God, my pray’r He listened


Introducing “The Plumber’s Son”

Imagine you were in the middle of a long tiring journey or road-trip. You feel hungry, there is a rest stop ahead. The vehicle thankfully makes a stopover, and take a bite, and suck some juice or water. Let’s say you buy a bottle of water to take along to quench later thirst… then that water runs out. For those in Ghana, the driver could easily stop for a passenger to take a leak… in America, there is most likely to be a restroom nearby or even in that Greyhound or Peter Pan. But what if you are thirsty (when your water has ran out), and no one else is offering you a spare bottle or a drop. There may be some hope ahead for you because you are heading either home or the next rest stop, or traffic light (with hawkers).

What about those desert-like areas? What of those whose governments are yet to connect their communities to the pipe-borne water ‘grid’? What of those who bath, pee, and shii and bathe in the save water body they drink and cook from? Ever considered the amount of money used to make water potable? Ever wondered how a drop saved today could be needed drop on the morrow? Ever considered making small changes in our water-using habits; like leaving the basin tap on with our one hand on the wall or hip, and the other scouring our teeth? Oh yes, sometimes, it’s unconscious, but most times, it is cultivated… I have had a roommate like that.. just this semester. I said it once, it’s as if he does it to piss me off. But inasmuch as silence is the best answer to a fool, there are people who would love enlightenment; because like me, they believe they don’t know it all.

Alongside, there are some sources of water wastage like (unfixed and unreported) burst pipes. So far as passers-by have flow of water, there is nothing wrong with water gushing out of a burst pipe. Well, here and now, I am subscribing to Gandhi’s ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. I would like to know people report water leakages, fix broken taps (in their homes and school), and in totality, use water wisely! With all to do, I introduce to you a new blog… “The Plumber’s Son“, inspired by my passion for sensible water use with the hope of ensuring sustainability for Mother Earth’s sister/mum. Thank you.

The Plumber’s Son

A song for Nana Darkoa

Now my eyes are welling up
Let me get out of here before I burp
Cos I cannot stand the emotion
Neither can I stabilise the fluctuation

Yet I want to stay
By continuing to say
That sticking closer than a brother indeed
Is part of the Loving Father’s great creed

It may come with some ups and downs
But hey He’s sure to give some crowns
To you Nana I must admit your style
Even your frown comes with a smile

Now what but a promise to thee
That whenever I can a brother I’ll be
Cos sticking closer to you
Has its own tweaks anew

So in striving as  part of this endeavour
I would still remember
That you appreciate what I do
For me I count it as normal tho

Yet I pray for strength to do for you
Anything I could afford all anew
And even tho you see me stick closer
Nothing I can do to beat (y)our mother

For us, if one gets the first smile happily
The other waits for the second patiently
Cos we understand the ups and downs
And that the Father rewards all the crowns

Even in times when I think I want to leave
Something comes to enhance the cleave
Still I believe I can say effortlessly
That O Darkoa, thou art lovely

Sour…annd then sweetest!

She got my number from a source
Texting began when we hadn’t met
Twas so natural with no opposing force
Asking myself if this were a gauntlet

First meeting didn’t delay at all
Twas but a few days during fasting
I couldn’t help but roll an eye ball
Cos seeing her was so captivating

From infancy I’ve never had that strike
That people talk about when they met love
For her the closest I felt was a spike
But I want to believe could still be from above

Her first gift to me was pleasing
A gold-plated leather wrist-watch
To the dials were not turning
Twas so nice just like a Swatch

Didn’t want just to be a tagalong
So patiently worked that special bond
Using communication  didn’t take too long
To spill the beans about us being fond

She looks so innocent like a baby
And has a body just like a model
As if she knew nothing entirely
Let her speak and you will marvel

Throughout life she had been a giver
To those with plenty and those who lack
Hadn’t been much of life’s receiver
But she believes His hands never slack

Now the bond’s intense I need a brake
Can’t get it without a presentation
In a fix to tell the truth or to fake
Either way’s to a future sans confrontation

Some truth’s been told and the tops are off
It’s threatening to cause a ricochet
Even in this mess it’s my hat I doff
Cos none’s with right to otherwise say

Say what thou wilt as thou wanteth
I don’t care much nor given a damn
All our prayers to the One who provideth
He’ll perfect His will and save us from harm

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Took this shot from my balcony. Initial one was straight (normal). Then I decided to rotate the shot slightly in order  to produce some more shapes. O then I remembered the moving clouds in Quntin Lake’s depiction, so I waited for the two people to get into one each of the rectangles which already had those cars( and the mango tree) in the background, then I made my shot. Don’t have many shapes, but hope this passes to be counted in the challenge.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

In 2010, a friend and I ventured into Cameroon without knowing our bearings. Everything about it was foreign to us as Ghanaians.

  • the colour; our taxis normally have a mixture of two colours
  • the car registration number: in Ghana, our registration numbers end with either a single letter or two numbers… this one had two letters. Didn’t see any ending with numbers.
  • the number plate: Ghana has GH (on the right hand side), this one has CMR (on the left hand side)
  • number of passengers permitted (1-4 in Ghana, but 1-5/6)
  • To hail a cab in Ghana, you wave your hand to stop, then you bargain the charge. In Cameroon (if it is not a hired cab), you gesture, mention your destination and how much you want to offer. The driver stops if your offer is acceptable, and there is space. Now that’s foreign to me!


Tribute to my Grandfather

GrandPa, most of us did not get to spend so much time with you due to one reason or another, but anyone who has ever dealt with you, and is either here or absent would surely exclaim that you were a good man. As a grandson, I agree that indeed, you were a good man, but I also believe that sharing part of your life is in order.

My dad told me about an incident in your workplace; as an accountant working with the government, you were approached and enticed some amount of money to do a disservice to the nation and for some people’s selfish gains. You remained resolute and choose to stand for the right. This earned you some enemies who even went to the extent of framing you as having embezzled funds. If God saw you through those physical challenges, then the consequent spiritual attacks were not enough either to sway you from your principles. In my days, they call it ‘too-known’, ‘chooker’ or ‘chukaef’, and ‘krif’. That is how they ridiculously call me (in high school) when I (truthfully) told on a colleague who has stolen another colleague’s item or money. I am victimised and stigmatised, but why need I mind? Your life and Prov 28: 20 which says that “a faithful man shall abound with blessings: but he that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent” remains an important guide for me still.

It is most likely that Proverbs 31:10 was read on your wedding day. Of course GrandMa was a virtuous woman and a priceless find. But I believe that she was also lucky to have you, especially when Proverbs 20:6 observes that faithful men are also as hard to come by as virtuous women. You were a good man not because of your possessions, but because you made an effort to follow Micah 6:8 [He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?]. Yes, you were humble. Even when you were right, you let go and allow God and time to prove you right.

It is no wonder that you could be described as someone who actually lived Psalm 3:48; tasting and seeing the goodness of the Lord. You were blessed with sufficient earthly possessions and blessings because you trusted God to provide your every need. The most important blessing however, is that you did not lose sight of God, His house, and His work. If you were a good man, then it could also be because you participated actively in the House of God and allowed him to direct your steps day by day according to Psalm 37:23.

GrandPa, no one can take away your good nature, but I am you would be happy that people have been positively influenced by your over 80 years on Earth. I also want to be good people to the family, friends and country. Therefore, even as I find myself in lamentations, I quickly turn to chapter 3 verse 26 and find that in my pursuit to emulate your well-lived life, “it is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord”, the most important prize of all. Salvation of the Lord is the prize I need to earn at the end of life’s journey, if I am to see you again.

But for now, when anyone comes looking for you, I would hand them Proverbs 7:19 “For the good man is not at home, he is gone a long journey”. Fare thee well, you deserve perfect rest,. Have a good one, GrandPa.


Use water wisely

Every morning
I’d been hearing
sounds of water gushing
and quickly draining
in the sink
I would never think
there was a human being
over there using

For lack of time I never
bothered to play checker
but it pricked by member
because my dad’s a plumber
Continued for some days another

Then on a day another
I went forth near the shower
Couldn’t believe a possible father
Stark naked in front of the mirror
Looking like a waster
Had opened the water
Which was flowing like a river

I said hi to him
And continued to ask him
Whether he’d use all the water
Gathered in the collector
Having turned towards me
He kept looking at me
Not answering the question
I had asked with a notion

I gathered some mor
courage to play advisor
Told him the scarcity of water
And that we all should endeavour
To become a saver
Especially of pipe-borne water
To use it wisely
And not block-headedly

Still he wouldn’t respond
So I left him and his small pond
Back in my room I listened
For if his attitude had changed
It wasn’t immediate
Perhaps to feign checkmate
But he became a turner
And sound of gushing water
Reduced to little drops
At least to create mutual winners



Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Had this picture taken some thirty days ago, thought I could use it to represent solitary. I was assisting my supervisor standing in the front of the hall in the first lecture of the semester. Most of the course participants were still undergoing registration procedure, so only a handful turned up the first day. One of those present came along with his son (standing at the back of the class, where I was seated). Unattended, alone (without  any peer), idle but energetic, he hops from one row to another. He finally got work to do. He began folding the untaken tables. When he was done, he sat quietly apparently thinking out the next task (all by himself)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside


My representation of inside; this is inside of a lecture hall at the University of Ghana Language Centre.
We had gathered to listen to a presentation by Prof. J. Oppong from the University of North Texas (UNT). The presentation was about postgraduate opportunities in his school.
He had barley started his presentation when my colleague and I were summoned back to the office for an urgent meeting. Didn’t get to hear much other than the advice that one should contact a professor in the desired university to establish some rapport before applying. It is to obtain some assurance of supervision when finally granted the admission. It also helps your admission to be handpicked from the pool.


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