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Originally posted on My Life Uncut...Almost:

I have not forgotten, nor have I decided to quit doing the Name That Abstracts.  So for those of you who enjoy them, I do too, and stay tuned.  Maybe next weekend I’ll put some more up for you.  I’ve just been concentrating on other things lately.  I have a final exam in my MSA class this coming Tuesday and spent a lot of study time today until I had to go make dinner.

Things have been pretty good overall…have had a few setbacks personally, but nothing worth mentioning.  It’s all good.  That’s life after all…hills and valleys.  School’s going pretty well and I’m still excited about it, and really look forward to reaching the finish line with that.  3 months down (almost) and 5 more to go with that.  Then it still won’t be completely done til I take my exam (and PASS it), and get my license and…

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Originally posted on My Life Uncut...Almost:

I’m so sick of the arrogance I see literally all over the place.  Especially when a political election is coming up.  It makes my blood boil!  There are certain figures who send me over the top.  Bill Maher is one of them.  He is the epitome of an arrogant jackass.

Truth is, we humans are none of us just one thing or another.  People love to look at Christians and say “What hypocrites!”  For example, I’m a 55 year old grandmother.  Someone looks at me and knows I’m a Christian…and how important that is to me.  So the image in their minds is one of the ‘church lady’ character on Saturday Night Live…stuffy and prim and proper.  And if they see me veer from that in some way, then I’m a hypocrite.  If they hear…hey, I sang and played keyboards in a rock band in ’89 and ’90…I love a…

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Originally posted on My Life Uncut...Almost:

I have discussed this topic before, from the standpoint of someone who has experienced it from the inside looking out and from the outside looking in.  I’ve seen it from all sides.  I’ve mulled it over a lot, and dealt with it first hand.  I’ve been miraculously healed of depression and brought out of the deepest, darkest pit imaginable into freedom…and after that, to slip slowly back into it wondering why God left me…why was this happening…that time to be healed through doctors and medication.  It was God’s way of teaching me (or trying to) that the brain is an organ of the body…like the heart, or the kidneys.  It’s not a character flaw if something goes wrong with your brain.  All kinds of things can affect it…once again…like the heart or the kidneys or any other part of the body.

The problem is that because problems with the mind…

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Hope (Interlocking Triplets)

I know your courage has worn thin

It’s hard to face another day

And unknown things that lurk within


But listen to what I will say

Get out of bed and lift your chin

Our God will always make a way


Remember all the good there’s been

And let the hope within you stay

Today’s the day you must begin


If worries, at the cross you lay

And all your sorrows that have been

For which our Savior died to pay


Just let go of your fear and sin

He’s with you always, come what may

His love you did already win


Special Things

There are special things we cherish

Hold fondly, and hold dear

We wouldn’t think of keeping them

Anywhere but near


They hold the memories so sweet

Of moments on the way

Along the journey we have walked

Toward where we are today


These special things we cherish

Though tarnished, they may be

We hold them ever close to us

We treat them carefully


We polish them and place them safely

Somewhere they won’t fall

We show them to all visitors

Who on us, sometimes call

But often we don’t treat our loved ones

With the same great care

When worry lines, perhaps appear

Or salt and pepper hair


Or maybe they are chipped and cracked

Or tarnished in some way

And we can’t stand to look at them

Or have them in our way


If we would only cherish people

Like those things we do

And handle them with care, you see

Speak fondly of them, too


What a kinder world I think

That maybe this would be

I do not know what you will do

But I can start with me


Pilot the Cat

I woke up this morning to find that my friend Robbie from Intown Hardware in Atlanta had posted a photo on my timeline of a memorial they had made for Pilot the cat, who lived at the store for all her life.  I worked at Intown for about 6 months, several years ago, and even when I wasn’t working there, we frequented that store when I lived in Atlanta.

Pilot died a few days ago at the ripe age of 16.  I posted a blog about it on my own page yesterday with a different pic of Pilot, and a poem that I wrote in her memory.  Robbie said that they have included my poem in the memorial for her at the store.  So, I photoshopped it just a bit and thought I’d share the poem with you here on 20 Lines.  I believe the photo meets the criteria to post it here, since it was shared with me because of the poem, and this is a photoshopped version that I did of it.  If not, let me know, Melissa.

For Pilot


Pilot was a dear old cat

For many years, she was so fat

It seemed to be her claim to fame

But Pilot was much more than that.


For customers and all the staff

She made us smile, and made us laugh

Found with her foot stuck in the door

Became the queen of that whole store


In later years, she lost some weight

Which left her in a better state

But Pilot, dear was growing old

And kitty heaven could not wait


Today, she drew her final breath

And many mourn dear Pilot’s death

And though she now to rest is lain

Her dear, sweet, mem’ry will remain


My Brain (A Rispetto Challenge)

If you’d like to try a Rispetto, here are the rules. Shadow Poetry – Rispetto

Here’s my effort, with a bit of frustration and a bit of humor. :)

My Brain (A Rispetto)


It seems that my brain has a mind of its own

Won’t do what I tell it, as hard as I try

The thoughts just keep coming, won’t leave me alone

I’m trying to focus, it leads me to sigh


I’m needing to study, and did just a bit

The dumb doorbell rang, and I said, “Oh, I quit!”

I’ll sit here a moment and take a deep breath

And then get back to it, though it be my death!




Of Beauty and of Sorrow Deep (a Rondel)

Of beauty, and of sorrow deep

A poet simply has to write

On cheerful day, or lonely night

The words inside, she cannot keep


Though smiles abound, or though she weep

She crafts her words and gives them light

Of beauty, and of sorrow deep

A poet simply has to write


Both wide awake, or fighting sleep

Though she may try to hold them tight

The thoughts inside, they just take flight

And to the page, the words do leap

Of beauty, and of sorrow deep

Originally posted on My Life Uncut...Almost:

I think there are a couple of things that would make life a lot more pleasant for ourselves as well as others, as individuals.  One is if we could understand that it’s okay, and feel the freedom to state our beliefs or opinions, knowing that sometimes maybe we’re right, sometimes maybe we’re wrong, but it’s our opinion or belief and it’s perfectly okay to state it.

The other is to understand the same thing in reverse…to still care for and respect individuals who believe or think something differently, and to understand that they also should have the right and privilege to speak out about whatever it is they want to.

I’ve gotten a lot better about not getting upset (not always, but mostly, I think) when people disagree with me…even harshly.  But it was a long time in coming.  I used to keep silent a lot of the time unless…

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It’s September now

Four months left in the year

The weather will be cooler

Soon the holidays will be upon us

Family gatherings

Laughter and hugs

Where did the year go

It started off so lovely

Rapidly turned so cold

Life turned cold and harsh

But that was then

As it begins to cool outside

It’s warmer now within

Life is beginning to burst forth

As if it’s spring, not fall

Seasons come and go

No matter the weather


Lizzie the Lizard

This is from SwittersB‘s suggestion on my Name That Abstract Challenge. :)  The last one, “Heartbreak”, I forgot to mention in that post, was from nutsfortreasure‘s suggestion.  Sorry about that, Eunice!  The links are both going under this week’s Poetry Challenge.  I’m looking forward to seeing some poems from all y’all! :)

Lizzie the Lizard is chasing her tail

Watching it fly, and through the air sail

If Lizzie should catch it, oh how she will wail!


Heartbreak (for a friend)


How can I go on

                Everything’s upside down

                                All that

                                                Remains of what we once were is the

                                Tears that flood my eyes

                Bitter tears, leaving me to

Rue the day that you

                Ever walked into my life

                                And made me believe in your



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