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Originally posted on My Life Uncut...Almost:

I have this deep seeded need to understand things.  I’m always saying those words, “I don’t understand.”  And they’re usually followed by the words, “but I trust God.”  That third word in the title of this…the one in the middle, I guess I’m realizing that I haven’t quite reached.  I have to a degree, but if I’m still consistently saying those words…”I don’t understand”…I think it indicates a lack of acceptance on my part.

That said, I think there are things that I’m not supposed to just accept.  You know the Serenity Prayer, “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”  That prayer, I think, is one I should be lifting up every day.  There are things I shouldn’t accept, but should change, whether they’re outside circumstances, or things within…

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Hurt That Lingers

There is a hurt that lingers

So deep within my soul

It’s like I’m holding on to it

Without it…don’t feel whole


I know I’ve been forgiven

For wrongs that I have done

And those done me by others

I’ve forgiven every one


So now I’m letting go today

Of sorrow that I feel

Unnecessary sorrow

So these wounds may fin’lly heal


Please help me not to look at them…

To leave them all alone

Except just for recalling them

As if a stepping stone


I pray the smile upon my face

Be genuine and real

Not just disguising pain and hurt

That deep inside I feel


I am not ruled by feelings

Though feel them, I will do

While resting in your mercy and

Your love so deep and true.

I’m gonna hurt you

Originally posted on My Life Uncut...Almost:

I tend to be an analytical sort of person.  Always have been.  I see someone act a certain way and my mind just goes to trying to figure out the reasons why.  I do think there is wicked, and there is good.  But for the most part, I think all of us have a little of both within us.  Some just choose, for whatever reason, to accentuate one of them more than the other.  That said, there are people who do pretty wicked things while hiding under a mask of good too.  And there are people who come off as not so nice, but deep inside, they may have a heart of gold.

Most of us at one time or another know what it’s like to get angry at someone and lash out in that moment of passion.  I know I do.  I’ve done it…more than once.  I’ve either lashed…

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5 in the Morning (A Day in the Life Challenge)

It’s 5 in the morning, and Marley the cat

Is screaming he’s hungry, that’s why he’s so fat

I stumble around him, on way to the loo

It’s always the first stop…admit it’s yours too!


Then head to the kitchen, and put on a pot

Of freshly brewed coffee, all steamy and hot

I tell dear old Marley, you’ll just have to wait

Can’t get our dear Gracie to meet the bus late


And as I am dressing, I’m racking my brain

In hopes that the mem’ry of dreams will remain

But rarely, if ever do I have such luck

They’re buried quite quickly in this brain of muck


I’m dressed and I’m ready, we’re out the front door

And happily head to the bus stop once more

We’re smiling and laughing and singing a song

Then here comes the bus ’round the corner ‘fore long


I wave my goodbyes and head back homeward bound

And there Marley sits, making nary a sound

I give him his breakfast, and maybe a treat

And now he can stay out from under my feet


I’m at the computer, with coffee in hand

To see what has happened in old Facebook land

Maybe I’ll blog a dear poem for you

If I can come up with a good one or two


Now off to my studies, and laundry perhaps

With thoughts sometimes swirling, like they’re running laps

But trying to focus, and doing my best

The time to relax will be after the test


When afternoon comes, Gen’ral Hospital’s on

It’s my guilty pleasure, I’ve watched it so long

And 2:30 comes and I head down the walk

To pick up dear Grace, and we have a nice talk


I ask her what kind of a day that she had

And what kind of homework, “well that’s not too bad!”

I get her a snack and we visit a bit

And then to the shower, if I haven’t yet


It’s time to get ready to head to my class

I want to do well, and not merely to pass

The classes are fun, almost all of the time

I’m glad to be learning, and I feel sublime


And now class is over, I load up my stuff

The day’s almost over, it’s not been too rough

I spend just awhile winding down this old mind

Then out of my scrubs, my dear bed looks so kind


As I lay my head on the pillow again

I lift up a prayer, and then say “Amen.”

But not that it’s all of the praying I’ve done

Throughout all the day I have talked to the One


Who blesses me daily, or may dry my tears

Reminds me He’s with me, and calms all my fears

And I close my eyes and before we both know

Another day’s over, to dreamland I go.


Originally posted on My Life Uncut...Almost:

Here’s a new abstract for you to come up with names for…finally!! :) 

Here’s the picture I used to create this one.  It’s a photo from 1985 of my kids, taken in my parents’ backyard…Jen and Tommy and poor Traci. LOL

I’m setting a deadline of Wed., Oct. 10 for your names.  I know I haven’t been good about getting to these on the deadlines lately, and am sorry about that.  But I will try. 

Also, just a reminder that I’ve changed the rules.  I will pick a name from those selected to title the abstract, rather than going on voting, and all of the submitted names will be listed to be used as poetry prompts for the next Poetry Challenge.

Hope you like the new abstract, and look forward to seeing your names!  And now I’m off to study some more…2 finals coming up this week! :0

Love and…

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Originally posted on My Life Uncut...Almost:

It’s been several weeks since I have done these.  My apologies for the delay.  For the last Poetry Challenge, if you remember I had changed things up and decided to just make it for fun, so there is no longer a true competition…just an offer of a prompt for poetry without the competing.  As it turned out, there was only one submission from Maggie.  Here it is, and thank you to Maggie!!

Skystone Creation (a rispetto)
The Ring

A legend chimes some truth and my bell rings.
I feel the depth of turquoise, watch it shine
its message, and I love the song it sings.
What treasure it communicates. How fine

its healing message. Look upon my hand
and see the turquoise circle, small but grand,
that I wear in a ring. It moves my heart,
and with it I know I will never part.

For the Name…

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