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Platter of words

Originally posted on HA's Place:

being famished, malnourished of the words,

adorned on a sapphire platter, looking sumptuous,

but as I try to pick one of them, it disappears,

leaving behind thin air, devoid of those nouns,

adjectives, verbs and prepositions, I so desire,

but they are not for me to grab, and gobble down,

I am meant to sleep empty, without a trace

of something creative, to simmer in my mind,

the concoction of imagination, thus remains dried,

and I look for the flies with an incredible vision,

into the worlds of worlds of chronicles,

so that I could seize them into my fist and

appeal for a single ray of light, that could

awaken my senses, making me experience things,

agitating me to see new dreams, the slivers

of which can be scattered on the pages,

bringing to existence, the wondrous universes,

still unexplored, for me to step through,

and find that one…

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What could have been…

Originally posted on HA's Place:

a tiny tear on the paper,

through which, I can perceive

the vistas, that could have been wrought,

in an another future, if only this life

hadn’t connived, against my soul,

keeping me in leverage, entombed,

within the cords of darkness,

eventually turning me, into

the venom, of this transgression,

smoldering me over and over again


Image source

Linking it with Friday Flash 55. Also, this is going to be ltagged as my post for 2 November for NaBloPoMo.

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Her Destiny

Originally posted on HA's Place:

from within her cage,

she gives voice to her cries,

as she twists her fingers,

waiting for the beast, to pry open

the gates, to her destiny,


she is a woman lost,

bewildered, in the wild world,

imprisoned by herself,

she is the color of a dead life,

inflicting herself to solitude,


she is the beast herself,

the captive, who could set her free,

but she is too preoccupied,

with the illusion of pain,

forgetting, that she herself is her destiny


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Right2Write Prompt 9: Stop Terrorism

Originally posted on HA's Place:

Last week, we had some really great submissions, inspired by the painting, The Boy in the Red Vest by Paul Cezanne. You can read them here.

I am trying to cover different forms of art for the prompts. This week, I bring forth for you a sand sculpture by Sudarshan Pattnaik. It is titled Stop Terrorism.

Terrorism has come to grip so many nations of the world. Many innocent people are killed because of this menace. It must come to an end. Peace is a forgotten word but it must be revived. We all are humans, made of same flesh and blood; then how can we stab that same skin and spill that same blood? How can we tolerate these murders, in the name of religion or geographical boundaries or language?

General guidelines:

1. Write a short story/poem/any other form of creative writing, inspired by the photograph of this…

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Right2Write Prompt 7: Flowers and Cattle

Originally posted on HA's Place:


We had three entries for the last week’s Right2Write prompt. You can read them here. Now it is time for the next prompt.

This time, I have taken permission from a fellow photography blogger who pictures the beautiful land of Arkansas. His blog is named, guess what, under the skies of Arkansas. Please give him a visit; I promise you would be enraptured by his amazing skills.

I had asked him to use a photograph named Flowers and Cattle for this week’s visual prompt and he allowed me to do so. So here is the photograph:

Certain guidelines:-

1. You have to write a poem or a short story, inspired from this photograph.

2. Please do include the photograph in your post, crediting it correctly by linking back to the photographer’s website.

3. Submit your link to the linking widget below. You can submit multiple links if…

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