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To me; This is the most beautiful thing about the internet…

Community. A sense of togetherness.

This. Right here, is an online community, it may not be the biggest. But the fact remains, we are a community. And I wish to propose WE as a community should do our upmost to support those in need…

I frequently browse the website Reddit.com, a large online community. I recently came across a video, a story of 1960′s artist Lester Chambers, he was the lead singer in the group “The Chamber Brothers” who throughout his entire career did not receive a cent in royalties, despite making countless study albums. This to me is an outrage, imagine working you’re entire life, and not being paid for it. Working tirelessly producing album after album, only to one day become homeless through no fault of your own. He worked his entire life, to now depend on an organisation to provide for him.

This isn’t right. This man gave his entire life, to then not receive what was rightfully his.

This man is not a drunk. Neither is he a drug addict. He’s a victim of a cruel cruel industry. But through this kickstarter project we can help to rectify this injustice. We as a community to contribute towards him receiving what he should have had over 40 years ago.

I understand that this is a tough time of year financially for everyone, (Hell, I’m a student with a mountain of rising debt) but something as small as 1 Dollar, to give this man what is rightfully his, is something i believe the majority of us could contribute. Please spread the word of this touching story.

Here is the link to the kickstarter page: Click here

From me starting this post to me completing this post, over $2000 has been contributed. This IS achievable. We can try and put this injustice right. Together.

Kind Regards this holiday season,


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