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Dark is the sunrise (Monday Post)

Dark is the sunrise at 5am,

I ready for the day’s work.

Returning late to a home empty,

I long to hear the sounds of family.

Children laughing, sauces simmering,

These are the sounds that soothe my soul.

A sip of brandy please, and smooth-shaven kisses.

Sleep my sweet for dark is the sunrise at 5am.

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Celebrating a Life

Yesterday our local community held a ceremony to honor those who have “gone home” and those who just arrived: death and new birth; good completions and new beginnings; sunset and sunrise.

We all seem to be celebrating life these past few days. The poems, photography, and baring of souls have all shown up at the same time, creating the space we need to reflect on our own lives.  As I read the words or viewed your images, the memories of the lives I have been honored to know flooded my mind and heart.

As the seasons, our lives are intertwined. Thank you for creating a space that supports each other. You are amazing individuals.

Your Place or Mine?

The overwhelming desire to speak aloud the thoughts running through my mind at this very moment.

Shhh! It is not your place, it is NOT YOUR place.

There are times when a woman becomes an individual. When she must simply speak. Shhhh! I will say what needs to be said this day, right now, and you will either hear me or not. Shhhh…and listen!

This is our place.

Mimicking Howie

A few months ago my grandson had to go to the hospital. He was such a sick little boy.  His mom and I sat in the room trying to be strong for each other, she on her cell and me on mine. Waiting, waiting, waiting for the doctor to arrive to tell us…well that is another discussion.

I know….did you know Grandma’s have udders?

Gma’s Udder



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