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Poetry Challenge

The challenge would be for a poet, to answer the interview questions in the form of a poem:

What type of books do you write? (Course poetry, but what type)
What is the latest book you have written?
Is it part of a series, if so which one?
When did you start writing?
Why did you start writing?
Who are your influences?
What can we expect from you in the near future? Book signing events, other details

I will add it to my blog, and include it in a seperate section.

Further details on my blog, http://thehighsthelowstheinbetweens.wordpress.com/
Good luck!


So, this month, I have decided to try something totally different.  A style that I have never  attempted to try, but said what the heck, let me try Acrostic Poetry. So the first word is W etc. and continues to spell woman along the sentences. Let me know if this one makes sense or means something to you, took me ages, sorry to say, it is called WOMAN

World of wonders, complicated to one that tries to look within.

Obtains the beauty, creativity, strength, that can never be torn from the mind.

Manipulating the path, the route

Achieving the highest, the mightiest, it is amazing, the power that lurks inside

Neglecting the fears, opposition, disappointments in one´s life.


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