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Identification never asked to be connection

never claimed such an occupation


Identification casts off synonyms, hyperbole

predicative nominative 

lost its copula

threw away stative verbs


Instead comes to prevent missed connections

correct misconnections

prays for disconnect

to find peace

* * *

Response wakes up

calls call

gets no answer


Switches from monologue

to soliloquy 



Better Ending

Better Ending

Oceans are a continuation of sky

drenched and impatient

with brine

in its teeth


On brackish waves

whispers are lost


While sacrifices                 never forgotten

* * *

Stream and rhythm

are one in

morphological past


And there are other words

from dead languages

seen only in

memories of transliterations

passed over.


No language is dead

so much as hidden.


Words like to run

and do best

when detached from

black skin of text.


Clay left with stylus pressings

are footprints

of sounds getting away.

* * *

Mist is metaphor

being carried

with a tribute to Eurydice

and Lot’s wife.


Tired of song and sermon

salt seemed

a better ending.

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Glazed and into the kiln

is the way it used to be

or sunbaked,

the heroes and hunters

circled the vase.

These days, it’s ashtrays and flowerpots

painted mimosa

to give praise

to the passing days

of summer camp

Where these were shaped

to bring home

to mom and dad.


Clay, hold your tears in

or else you’ll be too

moist for the wheel.

Clay, don’t be too strong or ten digits

won’t be able to dig in

and give you purpose.

Clay, be ready, there are still things left

for you to hold onto

until the students

and pros

dig you up.


Rondeau (Hart Crane Inspired)

Sudden pillows is what life needs

Dreams flower a meadow of weeds

Over horizons crops can grow

Upon collected ground scythes low

Break soil for urgent empire seeds


Further on where sweat starts beads

Lined up together against deeds

Piling with soreness’ overflow

Sudden pillow


Prayers come quiet take the lead

Even absent come for this plead

Return a wish of ebb and flow

Resistance can stay or may go

This life has no fantasy’s greed

Sudden pillow

Thanks/Happy New Year

I just wanted to say thank you to the 20 lines community for giving me another outlet for my writing. I hope to be a much better contributor this upcoming year. Now that my latest book (This Sentimental Education) is out for Kindle and will be in paperback soon, I should have more time to dedicate to this site and its followers.

Happy New Year! Best wishes to everyone.


Moors and conquistadors lead campaigns from these eyes
onto seas
that splash against white sands
and curling hills.

The ships bring foreign words and gunpowder
to lands
with sparked steel
and new myths

Invasion is accepted sometimes
until it becomes
confused with infestation.

And no matter how nature whispered
the world disproved
* * *
Without feeling
Knowing is.
And only
answer for being
is no direction
and a costume
taken from the hangers
of tomorrow’s parties
already consumed
and burnt
thinking of how to get home,
how to find a cab or hand or weak
without a second wind left over
for predawn’s
presents of renewal.



Dear night

recovered from

bleeding day

which denied its child

for the charms

of the street


The snow can be a pillow

and the winter

will guard against

the gods stuck in the motion

of a blink


The garden will

shatter beneath feet

and the grey pond

will be the best reflection

and the breeze

will be yours

to take from the dawn.


Withdrawn From Something

Are all

or how are all

addictions cultivated?


Which hometown made

underwhelming sensations

once upon a time

a companion for recreation


Then in years passing

shifting quicker and quicker

through the single digits

to channels

beginning 4 numbers out


From a five dollar meal

spent away from home

to hunting down

dissatisfaction coupled

with stars?


And now a cloudless day sends tremors

for being

withdrawn from something.


The End

Other Side Of Distance 32

Somewhere in the Southwest

The End spent a night

with her thoughts

before continuing

to the Northeast

where the city

went vacant upon

hearing of her approach.

What the residents forgot was

she could find them

but would have

left them alone

if only they

could show her

How to end her own lonely life.


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