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Write my LOVE Across the Sky

Write my love across the sky,

when you see tears of joy fall  from my eye.

With pens of joy, hope and light write my love for all to see.

My love is imperfect,

but the image it was made in is not.

Love is not if it is hidden within the heart.

Why must we hold divine truth within ourselves

due to pride, ego and “propriety”.

I will not hide Love within my heart,

though foolish I may seem,

so write my love across the sky for all to see.

GelGems (I love them) on train.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Late Bloomer

Where did your spirit get buried? Why did you abort that dream? Your womb is the seat of your soul, your creativity tomb and without purpose it will cave in on itself. We wonder why our light won’t shine, we wonder where our laughter has gone, we look to the east, west, him, her and that for happiness not realizing that a child much greater than happiness is within us and that child is joy which will be our strength-a dola urging us to push and give birth like Sarah who also bloomed late and Hager who was seen though she dared not dream.



The National Underground Railroad Museum & Freedom Center

After hearing Maya Angelou speak this morning at the Children’s Defense Fund National Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio I visited the National Underground Railroad Museum & Freedom Center and it was a powerful experience. Pay special attention to the Haunted Slave Poem because it was written in the 1800’s and shows the power of poetry to transform society. I hope these photographs inspire you all!






















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The Journey

The poem below is from my Poem A Day Writing Challenge, you can read all 30 poems on my blog Wholeness4Love. I completed the challenge today!

I strap on my traveling boots.

I pick up my walking stick.

The journey within is the most difficult one to make.

I stick out my thumb to hitchhike on this road.

I am picked up by my muse-not a Greek goddess but the holy spirit within.

Though my feet may be blistered, my heart is joyful and full.

With each step I take the road stretches further ahead.

My eyes take the horizon in knowing that I don’t want this journey to end.

My destination?

Co- creativity with God.


I Will Keep Writing

I will keep writing,

I will keep pushing,

I will keep smiling,

I will keep laughing,

I will keep loving,

I will keep walking,

Though I may face pain, rejection and rain,

I will keep on because so many have sacrificed for me.

I will press on because God has empowered me.

I will rejoice in a love that will last for eternity.

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The Awakening

Flag of Phoenix, AZ (8.65)

Flag of Phoenix, AZ (8.65) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Crisis, chaos, hope deferred.

Shooting, Occupations, debts


Hate speech, suicides, domino effects.

Spiritual not religious,

seekers are now finding.

Questions that were mysteries are now
being answered.

Soulmates, twin flames, cosmic

Love, Joy, Healing, Hope restored.

The Caterpillars and Phoenix are rising

into a new birth.

A revolutionary seed is now coming into
full bloom.

The divine alarm clock says it’s time.

The Awakening is happening.

Are you asleep?



Quartz taken at the Museum of Natural History in NYC

I used to see into the mirror of my heart dimly, but now I see clearly.1

Clarity is more valuable than diamonds, rubies, emeralds and

all the precious stones deep within the earth.

What lies within is the greatest wisdom,

release all you own to obtain it

and once you have this truth sell it not.2

1. 1 Corinthians 13:12

2. Proverbs 23:23


Into the Deep

Into the deep I go searching for truth even if I search alone.

Deeply looking for the wisdom of freedom and the joy of love.

What does one take into the deep?

Courageous silence.


Circular Darkness.
Deep within lies our soul’s container.

Our wombs hold our dreams and the cosmic artwork we will call forth.
Tied to the moon a cycle of death and rebirth occurs within us in intervals of 28.
We must love our womb and all that it can create.
The seat of our soul, the womb is eternity within our flesh



This is a poem I wrote for the 24th day of my poetry challenge.

Originally posted on Wholeness 4 Love:

The rays hit her face,

warm power that invigorates.

Darkening her skin and empowering her soul.

Communication that’s beyond words- soulforce.


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I Sense You…

I sense you,

but I can’t see you.

I know you,

but you are a “stranger”.

I follow you,

though I don’t know where you are going.

Our paths have crossed and are about to cross again.

Destiny’s date is with us.

We will recognize each other at the ordained time.

Until then I will Love, Laugh and Live,

in the knowledge of our coming joyous




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