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Gone Forever

Sound smothering me like a dense cloud,

Piercing my thoughts and shattering them as glass.

Shards of memory scatter from my view,

Gone forever.

Cold emotions stealing my heart like a thief.

Silently slipping in through cracks as a rat would.

Love no longer can dwell in this space, it is

Gone forever.

Vision blurred by fits of rage and anger

The sting of mans true nature burning deep,

Hoping there is one still left untouched and not

Gone forever.


Only a Dream (Weekly Challenge)

A velvet blackness soft and smooth


covering all and everything
Shadows behind shadows creeping
giving only glimpses of dreams that hide
beneath my fears
Watching as velvet fades to satin
sending embers of warmth to all beneath
restoring the life that had been taken
softly in the distance someone calls your name
bringing you back gently at first
then fiercely the tug of gravity pulls
you gasp trying to catch your breath
falling, down, darkness, light, day
a dream, it was only a dream
silence once again fills the room
only your heartbeat, only your breath
only a dream


Only Dreaming


Here goes for my first submission for the weekly challenge. Four lines short, hope to improve on that.

Originally posted on Can you hear me whisper...:

My heart quickens when I hear your footstep

Through the mist your shadow forms

Tall, shoulders broad,

But wait, I’m only dreaming…

Two hands clasped a strength in one,

The other holding tightly,

Rings exchanged,

But wait, I’m only dreaming…

Your finger gently brushes my hair,

Our eyes meet,

and time stops,

But wait, I’m only dreaming…

To fall asleep beside you with my head upon your chest

And listen to your heart beat

 With every breath you take

I will, if only when I’m dreaming.

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This Disease is Killing Us…..


Somedays my thoughts are inspired by the struggle with lung cancer attacking our family other days it’s the memory of infidelity and the impact it left. One day I just want to write about where I’m heading finally…

Originally posted on Can you hear me whisper...:

the pain stirs deep in my soul

Watching you agonize over choices

This horrid disease casts a shadow

Everything is dull grey, lifeless

I force a smile hoping its enough

Maybe my strength you’ll need

I try some light conversation

But you only reject me once again

Our love , our family, our home  is gone

An ego’s debt no doubt

When the storm was strongest 

We should have held tightest

And though the outcome be the same

We would have had each other 

To comfort, care and lean upon

For richer, poorer, in sickness and health.

The vows made now seem empty

Just words but void of meaning

The only truth between us left

Is until death we part


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Sensation of Watermelon

Originally posted on Can you hear me whisper...:

Summer days of childhood
gentle breezes,
The sound of children’s laughter.
A low murmur of conversation.
Secrets being buried,
treasure found in chests.
Balls bouncing on sidewalks,
feet skipping rope.
How endless time felt,
and adulthood so far away.
Never feeling hunger,
moving, never stopping.
Cheeks, a rosy glow,
with sun kissed skin.
Running through the garden
letting out a shrill of delite.
Begging, please please
and finding the prize.
Mama takes the watermelon
and smiles down at my excitement.
The vibrant pink and spotted center
there for all to see.
The promise of a sweet and juicy treat
circles and draws me near.
I bite into a delicious triangle of cool
crunchy temptation.
Laughing as the juice drips from my
chin, looking to the sky……..
This is the perfect day, watermelon,
summer and mom.

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