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Looking Back

Someday they’ll come and carry me away.

What then? Whose job to look among my things,

determine worth? Will all my books, those kings,

touch someone else’s heart or will they gray

in boxes? What about my amethyst,

the purple gemstone of my birth? Will they

see eye-to-eye with me on beauty? Lay

me down but please, o please, keep on the list

those things that I collected with such love,

Svarovski crystal, photographs, and notes

that meant much more than fancy cars or boats.

Please keep those items warm within your glove.

Au revoir, David Letterman

So now I have to get used to reruns of “The Mentalist” in place of David Letterman at 11:34 pm, now that Dave has wound up his 33-year late night career.

It’s not that I have anything against “The Mentalist.” In fact, I like it. But somehow I will miss Dave’s monologues, his jokes, The Top Ten Lists, his “segments,” his bantering with guests of every stripe, and yes, Paul Shaffer’s outlandish clothes. Perhaps the Late Show just became habit, and wasn’t really a choice. I’m not sure, but I do know that last night I was touched by his sincere thanks and goodbyes to his staff and crew, and his moving words to his wife Regina and son Harry who were in the audience.

I wonder what he did today.



I was in the emergency room Monday from about 11 pm until 5 am. It was a horrible time. Now I’m home to sleep off the reason I was there in the first place and get back to eating — slowly.

Had to cancel my piano students. I hate when these things happen. Makes me feel my age. I will return to 20 Lines when I feel better.

The Welcome Sun

Tri-angled shapes upon the hill behind
my house are given by the sun, and lined
in such a way that each thing, now refined,

looks springlike. Pine trees, holes inside the ground,
black squirrels as they run and jump and bound
from here to there, paint pictures all around.

I love to watch and feel the earth. It greens
from frozen tundra into warmth, careens
into when I go out and wear my jeans.


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