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Autumn’s fingers poke into
blue skies, coloring trees
crimson, orange, yellow and gold,
dusting them with wealth,
expectation of change this time of year.
Frost soon,
gregarious announcer of winter
hunches with gray shoulders as
if it were a cat stretching. An odd
justice creeps over the land,
killing summer, erasing fall, and
lighting the landscape with white
October treasure remains.
Pilfered, we trudge on toward December
quietly, steadily, with
teeth cutting into growth
under the snows.
Violence erupts, blizzard
winds whip with
extraordrinary power,
yammering temperatures to

Hey, Melissa

Hi, Melissa,

I’ve decided to reopen my other blog, Chronicles of a Writer. I just put a post there, but is there anything else I have to do to make it public again? I went to the “reading” part of the dashboard and tried to un-check “keep this blog private,” but it wouldn’t un-check.

Question: Can readers all of a sudden see it simply because I’ve begun writing there again? Or is there something I need to do to change it from private to public? I’m pretty sure that’s the case, but I don’t know what to do.

Can you help me?


And hi to all of you on 20 Lines. I’ve missed you. Be sure to come on over to Chronicles. I’ll meet you there as well as on Brainstorms.


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