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Five Minute Poem #12

Jazz as breath
In and out

But sideways
And other ways
Unknown until

Not scripted but
Not random

In rhythm and time
And time again
When just off the beat
Is right on

Comfortably unknown
In a familiar sort of way

And ways to see
And ways to feel
Anew and Askew


(c) 2014, Norman Dziedzic Jr.

Five Minute Poem #4

The news is always nonchalant

Weather on the plains
Weather on the coast
Weather on the battle field

Stock futures up
Stock futures down
Rockets up
Rockets down

The dog was lost yesterday
And the peace was lost
Last week
Both were found dead
With service information to follow

Human interest
So bland

Tomorrow's weather forecast:



(c) 2014 Norman Dziedzic Jr.

Janice M. Scott

Janice M. Scott

This rainy Sunday
I didn't see who came
Who wiped the water
From your name?

Falling rain; eight falling
Walls of lines of water
Could she be your wife?
Perhaps your daughter?

All I know in
Letters in steel
Still, can't fight
The sorrow I feel.

Patterns flow
Within the walls
Skylines flowing
Move and fall.

Inside the pools
All is down and down.
Yet steel grows and
Rises all around. 

(C) 2013 Norman Dziedzic Jr.

Actors, Painters and Poets

     Like an airport
Everything rushing to meet deadlines
     Eyes darting everywhere
Searching space for direction signs

     However here
The escalators run always down
     Our signs
Lead only to the crown

     Like a negative
The colors aren't what they would seem
     The pictures taken
Whisper, they never really scream

     In our machine
The gears don't even know their place
     Their teeth
They grind 'til memory banks erase

     And the masses
Marching backward, they can't know
     Though they progress
They're moving much too slow

     But the actor
With poet and painter near by
     He can see
And the three of them could tell you why

     And the crown
We know it has no ears
     And the court
No eyes to see our fears

     And I the poet
Like a musician without a song
     Must follow
Even knowing the path is all wrong

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