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You, Robot/OH My Knees

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

Postaday asks if you had a Robot what would you have it do.  I would have to say I would love one to weed my gardens. 
Oh my knees are hurting bad and to have a shiny machine going up and down each row,  gently pulling just the weeds and allowing all my pretty flowers to take center stage now that I would call a perfect garden helper!Hibiscus In Bloom

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The End Maybe Near

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Have you read in your local papers all about the saga playing out here in New England?  The story of a family run business in turmoil?  Where one cousin was in charge and all kinds of money was being made and new stores held “Grand Openings”,  then the new shareholders wanted the other cousin to run the show. 

Well it has been a well known fact about this families inner turmoil for those who grew up near the where it all takes place.  I have looked on from the outside and as a trucker I have delivered loads of goods that would be placed on the shelves in their stores.

  When I moved to my home in 1988 I made 20 mile round trip runs once a week,  to do my food shopping.  No they were not the only game in town just a place that toted “More For…

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Rains and Possible Tornados Tomorrow

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Pretty Visitor

Forecast had us down at the river pulling a dam the beavers just started, with hopes of keeping this place from horrid floods while CA and OR burn up. :(    just not fair is it.

This beauty kept me company since JT is not feeling well,  between her doing something to her front paw and chewing her skin.  As soon as we had the river 3 foot lower I took her up and bathed her outside. She hates baths but the medicated shampoo is easier for me to do right now outside as on of my knees is now shot,  I am only 58 what will I do at 78 :)  So with her feeling comfy and full as well as the two of us we made it through another day.  Hope you are hanging in there as well.

Such said news about Robin Williams so sad to watch a soul loose…

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How Are you All?

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I just spent 2 hours or better hitting I don’t know how many of my beloved followers and probably barely scratched the surface if I have not been by I promise I will try :)

I have been painting everyday but 3 this month I just wish they were all masterpieces :) can not wait till I can sit and take my time on a piece but for now they just keep coming out of me so I am going with the flow and trying to learn when to stop.

I go out daily 5 or more times with my girl and we play Frisbee and I take a camera out to walk with us.  This place is a jungle as well as a ZOO!!!  We are never at a loss of things happening here.

I actually left her home the other night :( we have been inseparable maybe since…

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Mid July

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So what is new in your world?  My life is quiet but never boring :)

Wildlife visit in droves even with hundreds of acres of land surrounding me they still want to be up close and personal with me lol what’s up with that!  I was outside just now talking on the phone with Mom she is doing awesome by the way she may drive tomorrow when I get down there, and I had 6 huge male wild turkey making pretty sounds talking to me asking for seed :)  even with the dog and cat there they knew they were safe I like the young being brought here and calling my place home but I sent them off to search for ants and beetles ticks too like wild turkeys are supposed to do. Yesterday before heavy rains began to fall they were along the edge of the property here pulling…

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