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NEPTUNE Is Hammering Us Along The Coast Of New England

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

Anyone can watch what we are dealing with on this link for the beach camera as #NEPTUNE is blowing hard and dropping lots of snow to add insult to injury


You can also type in http://www.hamptonbeach.org then click on live webcam and watch the scene unfold along with us.

Here is a link for Maine that is also taking a really bad hit

http://rocklandharborlights.org then click on webcam

And one from Salisbury Beach in Massachusetts though right snow the south camera is the only one free from snow

Just copy and paste into your search bar to watch the storm #NEPTUNE live but stay warm!

See you in spring :)

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Boy Did We Get Hammered!

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

Photo taken from the roof Photo taken from the roof


Boy from the ground it looked bad but once I climbed the ladder to begin to shovel man there were spots over 3 1/2 feet so close to 4 feet as the winds blew 60 mph for the better part of the storm

More snow coming Friday through Monday oh joy.
Bring on Spring lol I know I sound like a broken record but it was 60F on Christmas which was my BEST PRESENT!

Stay safe everyone


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Man Is She Going To Blow

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

I am sure if you live in the United States you are hearing all about our plight.  Yes it is winter and yes I live in New England but really a BLIZZARD come on two feet plus of snow in one dump and to top it off where I am to add insult to injury 60 to 70 mph winds.  It will be crazy in these parts so I cried uncle and hired a young guy with a new truck to plow here he will be worth his weight in gold.  I will still need to go up onto the roof but that will not be while those winds are around  though with high snow banks I won’t fall far :).I will say a prayer for all of those in her path forget it’s name what’s with all these foolish named storms this could out do our famous Blizzard of…

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Man We Had Been So Spoiled

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

The 60F Christmas is long past.  The frigid air of January blew in and on some days took my actual breath away.  Use the inhaler and breath into a scarf or a gloved hand BRRRRRR damn it is cold.

I had a wonderful Christmas with family after 9 years I saw a true miracle.  Feeling so blessed.

As I sit on this Sat. morning looking through your blog posts I am so cold and yes I have to coal stove going but it is doing little in this room where my desk sets time for a new window and take out that 30 year old plant window and place her into the barn on the east side.  I have it covered with plastic still to cold.  I paint in the room with heat source or my watercolors would freeze lol before they dry.  I could turn on the furnace run…

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