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How Are you All?

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

I just spent 2 hours or better hitting I don’t know how many of my beloved followers and probably barely scratched the surface if I have not been by I promise I will try :)

I have been painting everyday but 3 this month I just wish they were all masterpieces :) can not wait till I can sit and take my time on a piece but for now they just keep coming out of me so I am going with the flow and trying to learn when to stop.

I go out daily 5 or more times with my girl and we play Frisbee and I take a camera out to walk with us.  This place is a jungle as well as a ZOO!!!  We are never at a loss of things happening here.

I actually left her home the other night :( we have been inseparable maybe since…

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Mid July

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

So what is new in your world?  My life is quiet but never boring :)

Wildlife visit in droves even with hundreds of acres of land surrounding me they still want to be up close and personal with me lol what’s up with that!  I was outside just now talking on the phone with Mom she is doing awesome by the way she may drive tomorrow when I get down there, and I had 6 huge male wild turkey making pretty sounds talking to me asking for seed :)  even with the dog and cat there they knew they were safe I like the young being brought here and calling my place home but I sent them off to search for ants and beetles ticks too like wild turkeys are supposed to do. Yesterday before heavy rains began to fall they were along the edge of the property here pulling…

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Good Morning

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

Mom is hurting with swollen legs once again but they say she is OK not sure what is going on but I will go as often as I can the 45 miles south and back till it resolves or I am broke :).  She is doing good except for this issue so we will see what they have in store for her next.

We tried to sell a few things yesterday at a yard sale in Maine but not too many buyers were out so money spent trying is at best crazy :)
I think I will cut my beaded bracelets up and place seed beads into their containers and use them in just two different types of beading projects and then charge triple :)

I will focus on Photography and Watercolor painting and getting the ones I love the best ready for a showing of just my pieces.  Time…

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First week of June is gone

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

Just finished catching up with over 300 more blog posts :)  I am trying but life seems to keep me from doing what I love to do a lot of the time so trying to relax and enjoy a nice Sunday night with all your pretty words and pictures.  WOW so many and I thought I was prolific :)

We are all fine yes even Mom though she is causing us to turn grey and I have none!  She is independent I know that doesn’t surprise any of you who know who I am.  She has a list though of things she can do and a bigger list of NO GO!  seems she has lost them in her hurry to get strong for us. 

Reality is no setting in watching my Mom age is not going to be easy for me not saying it should be but if only she…

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http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/climate-control/Sunshine Makes My Day

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

I am a sun worshiper to be sure!  I have the scars and wrinkles as my proof but I swear without the gorgeous Sun up above me,  I am less likely to be smiling then again with good weather comes lots of yard work so a cloudy day now and then to rest is not such a bad thing. :)


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Everyday Is Saturday For Us

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

Truly everyday is indeed Saturday for the two of us, well the pets too!  I know I am funny but it is true, being retired and me disabled we have nowhere to go.  We get up when we want and hit the bed when our eyes will not longer stay open.

I was thinking about this as I continued to plug away here in the yard,  trying the best I could on my own to ready this place for summer as he decided he would do the maintenance  on  our truck.  It is a huge undertaking when it is a Honda.  Back 30,000 miles ago he was supposed to change the timing belt well he started yesterday at 10 AM and stopped at 7 pm and back out there this morning by 9 or 9:30.  He will do the water pump at the same time.  I suggested we trade it in…

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Been Busy

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

So far behind I saw I have 300 of your blogs I have yet to see.  Getting this place squared away is becoming a full time job and all I want to do is create.  Don’t feel bad :) I work around here potting up flowers and cutting the lawn and am now thing of building a set of stairs leading down to the lower yard so I can weed whack easier.  We had a small straight tree fall one day and it has laid where we left it after cutting off all the limbs it is time for me to re-purpose.  I will make some cuts into the hill and add a piece of tree then cut a little further down and do another level till I am at the bottom and have used the whole tree!  Yes eventually it will rot and become one with the soil but…

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May 16 Already

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

Hi everyone! Can you believe it is already mid May I want to stop the clock now days are going to fast! I have had so many things going on as you know so I wanted to let you know things truly are a little better. Mom was removed from hospital and they found a bed in a rehabilitation place for her to get help with horrid pain and get her on her feet to recovery. Pain is a life changer if you have dealt with it you know what I mean some days you just don’t think life is worth living and we are grateful she now does. I have not really been close to my brother since Dad died he went his way in sadness and me in mine but on Mother’s Day we had a great one! He even snuck in our Mom’s cat which I swear…

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Happy Mother’s Day

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

I know I am a day early but it has been crazy in my world as of late.

My Mom suffered for 8 moths with a horrid back pain and finally on the same day I had my shoulder surgery she got a much-needed injection.  Mine was a success as was hers!

Problem is when we, who are independent and having spent so much time in pain,  finally feel relief , WATCH OUT!!!!   Yes she could not believe she could stand up and walk without a cane or walker and I was in so much less pain I had a yard to ready for the impending spring weather.  So she did something she shouldn’t have,  like yanking a plastic wheel barrel and doing some raking and I helped build a concrete wall with my sweetie taking turns to mix cement now that may have not been so bright but it…

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