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Son and Art in NYC Was Perfect

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

My son had his show in NYC  Curated by Peter Doig,  who by the way was so nice.  He likes Mike’s work with spray paint and that speaks volumes.  He is an Artist first so he gets what one puts into what they do,  you know the true passion for the medium in which you choose to create with.

Some other things happened yesterday about suppertime.  I walked in before even seeing Mike and introduced myself to his Mom you know the one I chose from the Couple Bio’s at the adoption agency.  To say she had no clue as to who I was is a understatement but as I said her name and reached my hand out and said my name the question on her face became a smile.

Two Mom’s meet for first time(he is 37 lol).  She then introduced me to her friend also an artist in her…

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My First Class Was A Blast!

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

I signed up for a free, 6 or 8 week class, presented by a local newspaper here in New Hampshire. It is about writing  Memoirs.

My story.

It is about TRUTH ( though the publisher of Million Little Pieces could fill you in on more of that)

Our first homework is to write a piece on a harrowing experience lol how do I choose?  We could also do it on a person we had a relationship of some kind with and how that changed us.  Both tough for me as most of my long time followers know.

She went around and asked us to say why we were there and who we are.  There was a 83 year old man who said he came as he would like to tell the story of his family in a fun and lively way I can only hope I make it to that age…

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You, Robot/OH My Knees

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

Postaday asks if you had a Robot what would you have it do.  I would have to say I would love one to weed my gardens. 
Oh my knees are hurting bad and to have a shiny machine going up and down each row,  gently pulling just the weeds and allowing all my pretty flowers to take center stage now that I would call a perfect garden helper!Hibiscus In Bloom

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The End Maybe Near

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

Have you read in your local papers all about the saga playing out here in New England?  The story of a family run business in turmoil?  Where one cousin was in charge and all kinds of money was being made and new stores held “Grand Openings”,  then the new shareholders wanted the other cousin to run the show. 

Well it has been a well known fact about this families inner turmoil for those who grew up near the where it all takes place.  I have looked on from the outside and as a trucker I have delivered loads of goods that would be placed on the shelves in their stores.

  When I moved to my home in 1988 I made 20 mile round trip runs once a week,  to do my food shopping.  No they were not the only game in town just a place that toted “More For…

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Rains and Possible Tornados Tomorrow

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

Pretty Visitor

Forecast had us down at the river pulling a dam the beavers just started, with hopes of keeping this place from horrid floods while CA and OR burn up. :(    just not fair is it.

This beauty kept me company since JT is not feeling well,  between her doing something to her front paw and chewing her skin.  As soon as we had the river 3 foot lower I took her up and bathed her outside. She hates baths but the medicated shampoo is easier for me to do right now outside as on of my knees is now shot,  I am only 58 what will I do at 78 :)  So with her feeling comfy and full as well as the two of us we made it through another day.  Hope you are hanging in there as well.

Such said news about Robin Williams so sad to watch a soul loose…

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