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In The Old Days We Travelled By Foot

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In The Old Days We Travelled By Foot no wonder we all got to grandma’s house on time for family gatherings.

Family and friends now live with so many miles between they must travel by air and rail as well as packing up the family car no wonder today in the United States has become a day of nightmares for all even if you are just making the dinner you begin to worry about all of them travelling to you.

Today will be one of epic weather up and down the east coast in fact I am not even sure of any other distress weather wise across the US as we are just getting bombard with news of doom and gloom and traffic nightmares.  Is it too late to hope for it to stay out to sea :)

I am hoping you all have a wonderful day tomorrow either at…

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Making Christmas Cards

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

Watercolor Christmas Cards

Heading out for some inspiration but wanted to share what I have been working on while I await my boyfriends surgery on the 14th.  Please say a little prayer he will come out of this OK  He has blocked Corroded arteries(neck) he doesn’t smoke but has type 2 diabetes and loves French Fries :(  I am hoping when he writes out his power of attorney to me as well as a will this week it becomes real and he changes his diet :)

So I paint now to de-stress

Hugs and Love

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