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Finding Me

I lost her, this woman, girl, the young child 

She got caught up in the web of life and somehow 

Her identity became a lack of reality, faced with a box full of have to dos 

Every now and then I catch a fleeting glance of her presence and I smile with joy 

She was me and I once was her 

In the quiet still moments when my thoughts turn inward, I wander, does she remember me? 



Thanks (a forever feeling)

I must allude to this gratitude, 

to this constant state of thankfulness upon the lips of many 

I hope you’re not trapped in one day full of bountiful bellies and bliss 

I pray that you live forever upon all who’s pulse throbs

spoken loudly each day they breathe your lingering whisper passing through echoing in the breeze of the trees….transcending cultures in the presence of your appreciation for life….thanks, thank you, gracias, merci, xiexie, danke, spasibo, no matter the tongue spoken your language is universal

For let us not forget that the creator in his wisdom did impart to us all the gift of a grateful heart!

Be blessed this holiday! 

Jamie Hoffman :)




Sunday Morning

Early I wake, to this new day 

Sun shining outside my window bright 

Sleep rested in my soul all last night 

Church is calling, I make my way 

Tired and worn from a week long array  

Of life’s challenges and changes 

Restoration of the mind I need,

Fellowship of the heart I must receive,

Need to leave my troubles behind and embrace my blessings flowing directly from heaven’s gold mine 

Praise is what I was born to do, so I release these worries and let God’s light shine through 

I take nothing for granted in this life, time is fleeting and passes us by, but this one thing I pose to you,  

What if the gift of the Son never touched you? 

Would the Sun still shine?


Be blessed artist, because you are his beautiful creation! 



Truly Inspired

Today, I realized something that was quite extraordinary

We live for this, we search for this, and sometimes we’re able to touch it for just one moment

I left my fingerprints there in the midst of a smile, a song, a picture, words, and then of course I found  you

The artistic creature who finds beauty among the ashes of life

The sensitive sympathetic singer of sorrow and self awakening soliloquy in the presence of human misery

We must SPEAK!

What if there was a meeting for our kind? A convention that fed more than our minds

What would we find? 

Would our souls soar in recognition of our combined gifts?

Would we appreciate the blessing of inspirational freedom to exist?

I have but one prayer if you wish, that each day that I live I find a reason to be truly inspired!

Love Vs Hate

I have never liked old and overused cliches but there is one that I question of late

Is there really a thin line between love and hate? 

How does the person you pledged your heart to forever suddenly appear to be the epitome of your dislike 

A constant reminder of everything wrong in your life 

Is love between a man and woman really that fickle? 

Or am I just in a foul mood in need of some release from the day to day struggles found when you live in moments that lack peace

Human nature some may say, to project your frustrations onto your mate

Yet we are all guilty from time to time

What bothers me most is words spoken rashly in anger, when they disappear they still leave a mark upon the heart of the one you hold dear 

Yet, when time has passed and you decide to forgive and forgive and forgive ………you begin to wonder?

What more can I give? Perfect me? Far from that 

But what a conundrum love is, it gives and gives and gives 


There is nothing left 

or in rare moments it returns and regenerates itself 

otherwise matrimony would never exist in the presence of love and hate found somewhere in the middle of true bliss 


Fragments of me

Why do I feel like segments of pieces torn into?

I gather myself up and yet I still seem to be a mess scattered about 

Catching up and yet never quite meeting the mark, I fall short often 

Funny thing is, I try to live, I try to exist and not just in happiness or in the moment 

I reach for that true Joy, the ultimate bliss, sometimes in my fragmented state I’m able to touch it 

But only when I remember that life is a gift and that my days are not promised to be, but most of all 

that my existence is not some scientific evolution but a purposed filled destination of endurance 

so I will continue to pull myself together in all my scattered pieces until one day I am truly reconnected and whole!


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