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April Poetry Challenge Days Four To Seven

Dream brother, where are you from?

A dense swarm of ancient stars.

Who are you and why are you here?

moon map   the smell of the moon


Dream brother, I think I know who you are.

Through the static of my beliefs, I get a glimpse of you.

I’m so tired, brother. The universe is trying to tell me things.

But all I hear is a cacophony of sounds and confused messages.

moon map   the smell of the moon


I know you are younger than me, brother.

Why do I feel so old?

listen   Here is a story.

First there is a feather, thrown about in the storm.

Vicious winds and it was even struck by lightning.

Then the roiling fog calms down and everything is clear.

The feather floats down, down, gently onto the glassy surface

Of a perfectly still and yet undulating sea of light.

Imagine that. Imagine that.

when I do not understand,

let myself not understand

I will love instead.

I Open

Radical openness, sweet vulnerability

Such is that which crushes my limitations

And lifts me up in excruciating flight

Into the light

I shall grow, broken wings and all

Then envelop the world in magic


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