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will dance

through the pain

ignore your disdain.

will dance

to my tune

trip en pointe to the moon.

will fly

spread my wings

break my heart

till it sings.

will sing

dance with stars

fly with angels

capture melancholy

in a jar.

I will dance.

I will fly.

I will sing.

(Copyright Jenirose Hall)

A very special “Fire” quote

Fire : author – Kristin Cashore page 183

web: http://www.kristincashore.blogspot.com


Fire looked at the captain of her guard and laughed, because she wasn’t Cansrel – she wasn’t anyone but herself. She had no one’s path to follow; her path was her own to choose. And then she stopped laughing, because she was terrified of the path she suddenly knew herself to be choosing. I can’t do this, she thought. I’m too dangerous. I’ll only make things worse.

No, she said back to herself. Already I’m forgetting, I’m not Cansrel; at every step on this path I create myself. And maybe I’ll always find my own power horrifying, and maybe I can’t ever be what I’d most like to be.

But I can stay here, and I can make myself into what I should be.

Wise words for us all from a wonderful author.




Since I’ve not been posting for a few, here’s the rest of  “creativity” as I see it :)

  • It’s balm and healing when I feel ill and able to do less than I wish. (How very appropriate atm.)
  • It’s the touch of inspiration, of God’s own creative ability, in miniature certainly, but alive with the sense of wonder. Understand, I don’t claim my work is inspired, only that I am inspired to work.
  • It’s not my reason for living, it is living. I took a lifetime to realise this is who I am, but I’m not complaining. I’m rejoicing in having reached that place.
  • It’s the place where I dance…. shimmy, waltz, glide, bop, trip en pointe, break dance and rock and rolllllll!
  • Sometimes creativity is a ride in a lear jet on a perfect day – here to there in VIP comfort, no bumps on the way.
  • Sometimes it’s a ride in an old steam train – fun, scenic, but grit in the eyes and hard on the bum.

Love to hear what creativity is to you.




Creativity is –

  • the essence of most of my dreams and what makes getting up something I want to do every day
  • it’s music and poetry to feed the soul and I hear its call 24/7 even when I’m thoroughly enjoying a break away from all drawing or digital art for which my eyes are always grateful
  • it’s like the scent of a garden full of blooming roses – intoxicating, heady and irresistible

LEDA (after Zeus finished with her)

You can see more of my poetry and images here 


Ravished by a god
she wakes
the sound
of beating wings
the walls
of a womb
doomed twins.

Blood tipped feathers
lie at her feet
the colour of rust
and dead desire.

Words and image copyright Jenirose Hall all rights reserved 


Not for me the romantic notion of gorgeous seduction when it was, after all, a rape, and how does one refuse the god Zeus!!


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