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Life as we know it

We were put on this planet
To live and to love.
To cherish the ones in our lives.
And never let them get hurt…….
Safety is a priority
But danger is an outcome.
Why is it, that we work so very hard?
For something that will still happen
in the end……..
Should we care about our lives,
Or sit and waste it away.
“It doesn’t matter, were all going to
die someday!”
These words fill our heads
With sad confusion. There’s no end
We get lost with the love
We want to have.
There is no conclusion to all
this pain.
But an answer that comes
Just the same.
The negative side seems to win,
But the positive side seems to
We are who we choose to be,
So be careful who you choose.
Love everyday like there is no
And give to others the joy of life
So no one will hurt.
Love, And love will love you back.
Open your arms to life
And life will hug you back!
Don’t be scared!
Life is still a one time thing



Donut Therapy by Sugar coated angel…….

Ever since I started my adventures in world of confectionery and sweets donuts have always held a very special place in my heart. There have been times when I have reached a donut crossroad . I n fact I feel that donuts could be seen as a potential cure to eradicate all the sadness in the world . Lol.I heart donuts!

I have always related them to emotions , in fact I have allotted a special slot to each one( the list is primarily from Dunkin’s , cause it’s like a second home to me:)) but feel free to make your your own. And cause I not quite capable of serious posts, here it goes-

Feeling under the weather-Oreo donut

First love-Boston kreme donut

Honesty-Jelly filled donut

Energy-Chochlate frosted donut,Caramel choc donut

Calm anxiety-Blueberry cake donut

Spontaneity-Bavarian kreme donut

Celebrations- Choc dipped donut

Anticipation- Cocao confetti donut

Follow your heart-Marble frosted donut

Uncertainity-Pina colada donut

Hangover cure-Old fashioned cake donut

Hope-Jelly stick

New beginings-Strawberry shortcake donut

Tiredness- coffee roll

Mending a broken heart- Eclairs

P.s- This post is for Aunt Mags without whose encouragement I would never have been able to come up with something like this, my best friend who helped me indulge in these sinful beauties by her fabulous baking skills and this site which helped me connect with so many people and share my musings with the world. Life is sweet, relax!



And finally it rains…..

Lapping wild ,

Gushing down, 

Mother Earth it seems to drown.

breaking morbid monotony

along come the drops , in rhythmic symphony.


Showcasing nature’s free soul

without any rush, or unworthy monetary goal

washing away my troubles

quenching my sun baked soul.


Looking up at the gray cloud

 I stretch out my hand

and laugh aloud

at the stillness of it all!


The drops that pitter patter 

seem like a never lasting lullaby.


Washing away my worn out thoughts

it ends it’s dance

As I wave to the departing clouds

the sun begins to peep through.


I sigh till  the next time 

and for now dear rain 

I bid thee 




Sometimes even to live is an act of courage

It’s easy to forget how life works out perfectly when you are down, you believe things bever favour your. But if you look back you see that in many cases things happened exactly the way they needed to. atahe more you pay attention to those things and take a note of them the more you build faith in them.

Having faith is a choice one makes. You decide the belief in life the voice that lives in your heart. Beleiving in something indicates your trust in life.It’s important to take time out to get to know all of yourself. Look at your physical, spritual attributes. Figure out what’s important and what makes you happy . Examine with great attention what you really love and what you dislike . Leave no stone unturned as you get to know yourself and learn what makes you the wonderfully, uniquely special person you are.

And as someone once famously said-”If I had just one wish, I would visit younger days and tell the younger me, it all works out okay!”


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