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Because it was too scary,

I had to run away quickly,
Because it was too crazy,
That pain put me on my knees.

I never should have come back,
That place was kept in the dark,
Because sweetness is my lack…
I kept on waiting for the spark.

In the night of my desires,
Found a way to get higher,
But when this love expires,
I’m scorched on the barbed wire.

Between a dream and a nightmare,
Keep walking but my feet are bare,
I should wake up, start to care…
Stars show such a different flare !

May, the 17th (01:45)

Son of May









Freedom of speech, wherever you’re oppressed !

Freedom of speech, Whenever you feel the threat

Of your basic rights, of your dignity !

Whenever you feel like screaming,

Raise your voice for your hurting,

Don’t let go of what you’re dreaming…

Exile in another country,

Don’t be afraid to tell the truth,

All that’s unbearable to you !

When pressure is heavy too,

Your fight, you have to renew…

All these intimidations,

And these men spying on you,

They twist your intuition,

You need to stand back, for you.

They want to fool the people

With disinformation,

When the truth is plain and simple,

You know what you have to do !

Please visit : www.forbiddenvoices.net


May, the 8th

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The work of an artist



What is the work of an artist ?

Tell me, does it mean anything ?

When nobody is listening,

When will he get some self-esteem ?


Sometimes he struggles for his life,

And when it’s the year of the knife,

He turns away and, gone in smoke,

He remembers last words he spoke…


Then he comes back to his homeland,

He begs for her to hold his hand,

Then she plays his favourite tune,

How would he guess that death in June ?


So when it seems to end too soon,

It’s time for a new man to come

To life after all the hurting

He has endured without speaking…


Too long since he has been lonesome,

So he forgets where he’s come from,

And wonders when he will return

To his own island in the sun…


What is the work of an artist,

Lost in the loops of the river,

Because he is no scientist,

When he doesn’t get an answer ?


Antoine Burgos

April, the 27th (23:37)



Song for Xavier








Photo by Leo Mereilles


Xavier has been waiting forever
For his love to return,
Now he’s feeling more alive than ever
In the fever of his letter !
Xavier has never been sure
That his true love was pure,
As they were torn asunder,
They had to bear that thunder !

Will they ever come together ?
Their doubts are dressed in leather,
As they lay naked and apart,
Each one playing his part….

Antoine Lenient

March, the 31st.


Some kind of message in a bottle…

Originally posted on theblackandwhitedragonfly:

Angels' bay, by Antoine Burgos

Angels’ bay, by Antoine Burgos

Poem for Xavier















“Patient, patience,
Patience dans l’azur!
Chaque atome de silence
Est la chance d’un fruit mûr!”
- Paul Valéry

I feel like a puzzle, I can’t find the missing piece
I’ve never seen before, but in another life…
Was it hidden from me so that I can’t find peace ?
Is it Holy Water ? Or else is it a knife ?

I can’t have it both ways if I don’t get to work,
To let all of the past be put in light again.
Sometimes I wonder why, I feel just like a jerk !
I wonder what I’ve lost, I wonder what’s to gain…

And if nothing is new, what’s left of my refrains ?
Will anyone read them ? Will it ease someone’s pain ?

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Brian Carter : in breaths

Brian Carter : in breaths

Hello everyone, here’s my huitain :

Because this life is not enough,

I’ll try to wake up from the cold,

Even if it is sometimes rough,

Even if I have to grow old.

I know that I need to be bold

To go South , and under the sun,

To set myself free from the mold,

To rise above – it’s just begun !


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So long ago




Gone with the wind so long ago,

I still have a long way to go,
And on the road to gravity,
I will look for my liberty.


Though sometimes there are battles lost,
And though I have to pay the cost,
I will fight for some dignity,
If I can not avoid pity…


For I made my family sick,
I can’t do anything but stick
To the dearest ones in my heart
And wish we’ll never be apart.


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The shade of Time

Théoule Sur Mer

Théoule Sur Mer

Snow melted down on Théoule,
But the sea seems cool – no swell -.
After another defeated night,
I regret the sweetest feast.

Was damaged by the shade of Time ;
You all, inanimate objects,
What has become of my soul ?
On that bad galley, I row !

And I need the sea breeze,
Otherwise, I foam and boil with rage
Like a sailor lost in town,
Prisoner of a servile life.

Give me now the sun warmin’
My skin, and like a dragonfly,
I will fly near the water sources
And wish I never bow again !

February, the 24th

Lord help me !

"Broken sky"

“Broken sky”









Photo credit : Julian Hernandez (c) D.R.


If we are in prison,
It’s as real as a deadly illusion,
If we are in prison,
We’re as alive as this poor confusion !

And days go by like barbed wire,
And I can’t stand the midnight choir,
Every time we dance on fire,
You just want to take me higher…

And if we are in prison,
I guess this is a golden cage,
And if we are in prison,
I only have to calm my rage !

For it’s a sin to stay awake
When everyone sleeps in one’s bed,
Although we still have love to make,
Even to watch the walking dead.

February, the 10th


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