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Frozen paradise…

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The man in the window …


It has happened again….

Originally posted on timzauto.... in search of the blond haired kid:

On several occasions growing up we as children heard noises that kinda couldn’t be explained . Being children with wide imaginations nothing was really done about it. My parents always said it was just housing noises from the house being a hundred plus years old. 

My brothers and sister all had moved as i have been gone for many years. The only time i remember spending here there were several people and nothing really happened . I have recently moved back here on a permanent basis and things seem different . I can always feel a presence in the house , it’s really weird . Items have been moved when no one has been in the room , and last summer a year ago I heard a voice in the garage . I pulled my phone out quickly and snapped this picture .



This photo is the garage window…

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Saturday November 30

Day filled with remembering
My silence lingers still
Reminiscing all around me
I cannot get my fill

Listening is uncharted waters
My shallowness getting thin
Progress in my own thinking
Today’s a sure win

Family is inclusive
Escaping me in past
Feelings of being stable
In hopes that they will last




Daily Prompt: Keeping up with the Jones’

In recent years our own economy has changed our lives significantly. Decent housing is wanted by many, the american dream in home ownership,some times trying to keep up with the Jones’  lets or own banking system take advantage of us…

waking with chills 
a sidewalk for a floor
wind blowing thru
hanging cardboard for a door

dreaming a new dream 
never getting done
homeless in the streets
only warmth is from the sun

blame is not the worry
fair treatment not the truth
hiding from the solution 
not caring for our youth

Covet ....not always a good thing, just my opinion.....

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sights and sounds of my past…

Originally posted on timzauto.... in search of the blond haired kid:


I remember when we were kids , we had so many other kids to run around with….The sounds and smells of winter wandered through our heads all year-long. The sound of snowmobiles were all around us , the smell of cold dry air , it stuck your nose shut. We all had Thanksgiving and Christmas on our minds as the days seemed to last forever. I remember playing outside until my feet went numb never wanting to come inside. The simplicity of our days never-ending with sliding and tunneling through piles of snow was at our height of excitement. Hoping for snow days away from school just so we could get more of our snowy frozen pleasures in. it was the greatest times of my life.

Today I was walking around outside taking in the pleasures of a newly fallen snow , it hit me ….wow there was no one…

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Weekly Writing Challenge: Haiku Catchoo!


Excitement has gone
The straggler they still hang on
Till Christmas we wait



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