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Originally posted on Poeta Officium:

Do you think you would have me?

Anyway that you dare…

Do you think you would want me?

I want you to want me

And I need you to have me

In the way that you dare…

As I take a deep breath

As I feel you beneath me

As I feel your desire

Casting deep spells upon me

Do you think you will want me?

And my soul…shall I bare?

Can I dream that you need me?

Will you say that you want me?


My soul…

I will bare

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Originally posted on Poeta Officium:

I’ve awoken from my slumber

And my eyes need to adjust

I’m alive; out of my coma

In my mind I’ve seen so much

In my dreams

You led the way

To the door that you held open

To guide me to a new life path…

The one before so broken

You breathed new life

Into my lungs

You showed me piece by piece

You’re the one that shook me up

You awoke me from my sleep

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Originally posted on Poeta Officium:

It’s that time of the week again – a place to share our work. Truth be told, I’m finding it hard to get back into the groove. I almost forgot that today was a posting day!

Today I’m going to share with you another one of my older poems. This one isn’t as sombre as most of the others – which was quite different for me back in those days!

Remember, please use this space to showcase your work too :)

Reflections in my mind
They gather like autumn leaves falling
Red. Brown. Orange.
Like the sun they light up my life
I cannot describe the beauty
But the beauty is short-lived
I envy the eternal
I wish for the eternal
Forever and ever it will be

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Let Me Be Free

Imaginary Jesus

Capturing her lonely soul

A passionate glance towards the forgotten

A life of which is past

A turbulent mind painfully hidden in the shadows of a smile

A tortured smile

As the demons dance

And chant within the abyss

An abyss which is her being

Beckoning Jesus

Leading her to a path

A path that is comforting

While the angels sing to the memories of peaceful encounters

Twisting the satanic uproar

Engulfing her mind in a frenzied carousel

A whirlwind of broken dreams

And shattered hopes

As she drops her head in sorrow

And the tears well in her eyes

Painfully needing the forgotten

Aching for what is past

Casts her mind to the forgotten

Her smile will never last

An Understanding Of Love

Rejection of love leaves you standing alone

Can’t you hear her cries?

When a person needs

When a person wants

Nothing else

But you

Memories haunt her

Endless visions passing through her mind

Visions of you

A precious flower which crumbles

This is her heart

She doesn’t want to cry

You make her smile

Don’t forget

Don’t neglect

You are her magic

Forever inside her soul

You are certain

She will never let you go


Her mind

A confused, bitter affair

The mirror

She stands before

The truth reveals

An evil glare

It sees right through her avid pain

Her eyes reflecting hurt

Her heart;  weary and lame

Questioning her motives

Why? What is there to gain?


Her hands; bound

Her eyes; blind

The circumstances comfortable

But therefore unkind



The tears I have cried

Were only for you

Wasting my life

By playing the fool

Craving the love

That burned in the night

All I can sense now

Is rapid denial

Nights are so lonely

My days fade away

Replacing all happiness

But the memories stay

I’ll give in to your feelings

I’ll give in to your dreams

As I did once before

Let our souls intervene

The rosebush has died

The leaves

Pale and dry

I remember how life was

And again I will cry


used with permission from freedigitalphotos.net

The surface of her soul
The pounding of her heart
The twinkling of the moonlight
Gave way to every spark
Of fire that was started
Beyond the depths of time
She felt her spirit wither
And her eyes close softly tight
As she contemplated life
And faded with the night


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