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Beyond Cinderella

Illustration for Charles Perrault's Cinderella...

Illustration for Charles Perrault’s Cinderella from Histoires ou Contes du Temps passé: Les Contes de ma Mère l’Oye(1697). Gustave Doré’s illustrations appear in an 1867 edition entitled Les Contes de Perrault. Second of three engravings (Photo credit: Wikipedia)













As she whispers to herself,

her shouts become shadows,

and heartbeats chime thirteen;

the pain in her chest is not surpassed,

by the memory of just before midnight.

Why did she stay? When all about said,

run, flee, escape, (or) you’ll rue the day.

Holding a bouquet of disdain,

she will mourn the bride,

and hide the pain.


© Beyond Cinderella 01.02.13

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

A Winning Formula

Five lights on, and we're about to go!

Five lights on, and we’re about to go! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










Have you ever played, ‘Train Grand Prix’?

I’ll tell you how it’s done – you see…

the morning commute becomes fast and fun,

the connection being, Formula One.


Alight the train – the game does start,

from A to B, before depart.

See your quarry, each the best,

overtake them on your quest.


…and on the inside Ayrton Senna,

lady redcoat, hair of henna,

overtaking Jenson Button,

Miss prim and proper, lamb as mutton.


Outside geezer, old and grey,

Lewis H has had his day!

Student alert, mean and clued,

move over Hunt don’t be rude.


Sebastian Vettel is in my way,

deftly dodged with no delay,

Stirling Moss with the wheelie case,

watch out fool, I’ll win this race!


In pole position, take the lead,

aboard the train at high speed,

connection caught and what a blast,

Train Grand Prix – do not be last!


© Train Gran Prix 22.01.2012

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

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Illustration from "Vivilore: The Pathway ...













Knitting with syllables

pen and purl

lexical needles

pattern unfurls

pencils slip stitches

pens purl clichés

scheming skeins

unpicking dreams

slip stitch sibilance

cast off vigilance

trying hard again

to crochet a cardigan

No – not me

I prefer

knitting poems.


© Knitting doublets 16.01.2013

by Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Illustration from “Vivilore: The Pathway to Mental and Physical Perfection” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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A reblog from Worldly Winds – Graffiti :)

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Graffiti Defender







Karma Milano,

scrawled on a wall,

graffitied in letters,

four foot tall.


3:15 throwies,

an homage on bricks,

tag line, street culture,

for Sheffield six.



Lovingly sprayed,

on the wall of a tunnel,

devotion displayed.


Gouranga, nostalgia,

for he who dares,

high on a bridge,

black on white squares.


Station slam wildstyles,

pigmented praise,


now,  let us spray.


A spot of heaven,

anarchic art,

a ghost of a shadow,

let us depart.


© Culture Vulture 20.12.12

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Photo Credit – Graffiti Defender (Photo credit: SheffTim)



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I could never live,

in a red brick house,

with frilly nets,

that pucker and flounce.


With rooms so square,

shaped like a box;

oh no! not me,

give me stone and rocks.


Victorian aged,

with features so old

flag stone floors,

that strike up the cold.


Stone inglenook fires,

glowing embers and coal,

black basalt hearth,

to bear my soles.


Mullioned windows,

shutters and sash,

transom light, stained,

carved fine mountain ash.


A long sweeping drive,

to a panelled oak door,

proud portico porch,

chequerboard floor.


Orchard and lawns,

domed topiary box,

walled kitchen garden,

growing herbs, veg, and stocks.


That’s my dream house,

from my sepia past,

how I long to be there,

and remain everlast.


© Hazelhurst 04.12.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Worldly Winds:

Reblog from Worldly Winds – a place close to my heart.

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My love affair with Yorkshire,

is strange to the extreme,

the rain comes down in stair rods,

as puddles turn to streams.


Flint faced buildings stand proud,

the natives just the same;

hard with a directness,

reflecting poverty’s pain.


‘Aye up love’, and ‘Ta duck’,

a mantra of the North,

a warmth and loyal passion,

found around the hearth.


Depleted coal face scenery,

ghost towns from the past,

mine the depths of politics,

betrayed by bluest lass.


Coal-dust mottled snowscapes,

contrast the wuthering heights,

bleak outstanding wilderness,

the slag heap moors by night.


My soul belongs in Yorkshire,

with Brontë, Hughes, and Moore,

this northern heart keeps beating,

‘til death doeth close the door.


© Yorkshire 30.11.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Yorkshire (Photo credit: gollenr)



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Bluestar Ink October 2012 Desktop Calendar





Why am I so invisible?

you do not seem to see,

all the things I do for you,

I always meet your needs.


I know that when I talk to you,

I may as well be dead,

you do not hear a single thing,

that I have bloody said!


Is it that you do not care?

I find it hard to conceive,

that anything I mention,

you simply don’t believe.


We really aren’t compatible,

I know without a doubt,

one day I’ll take my boring self,

and get the hell right out!


Until that day I’m stuck with you,

and all your childish ways,

I’ll spread my wings and fly away,

(I’m marking off the days!)


© Stuck with you 28.11.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Bluestar Ink October 2012 Desktop Calendar (Photo credit: emily.bluestar)


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Poisoned passion

Gooseberry green

Deceivingly disguised

Succulent strawberry

Translucent temptation

Tempestuous temptress

Romantic rhubarb

Tasting trickery



© Fruity 26.11.12

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

fruit (Photo credit: karen H. nickname.{ pooh})


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Worldly Winds:

for my cousin…

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Near The Sea Shore







How can it be?

When it is not natural.

Not this way,

from the blind side.

How can it be?


When it is out of order,

out of the ordinary,

extra ordinary.

You oxymoron,

natural order.

How can it be?


© Natural Order 07.11.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm


Photo credit – Near The Sea Shore (Photo credit: Special Angels Photography                         (Tumbleweed))



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Reblog from Worldly Winds – sorry I’ve not been around for a while – I have wimp flu!!

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Farewell cruel world,

I’m leaving you,

it’s not a cold,

I’ve got the ‘flu.


It may well be,

my final breath,

my nose is red,

I feel like death.


Please don’t mourn,

when I am gone,

go on without me…

soldier on!


© Soldier On…  03.11.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Photo Credit : http://9laughs.com/go-on-without-me/


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Hot flush

flash up

pressure point

no stop

heat burns

brain turns

into mush

with flush.

Heart pounds

skewed sounds

head throbs

stifled sobs

anger flashes

teeth gnashes

temper flares

no one dares

talk to Mum

‘til it’s done.

Hot flush

has gone.

Oh the joys

of menopause!

© Menopause 01.09.2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Worldly Winds:

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the stockings were hung by the...tv stand






I see an old lady,

and I think of you –

enjoying her garden,

as so should you


Tinsel and fairy lights,

I really miss you;

coloured stockings hang,

each a memory from you.


Then comes the summer,

and I mourn for you,

for all the lost days,

and the things we can’t do.


When I hear a joke,

I want to tell you,

to laugh like two schoolgirls,

‘til tears wet cheeks through.


Each birthday ticks by,

I wait for your card,

I know it won’t come,

but it still hits me hard.


When I see an old lady,

it seems so unfair,

‘cause you’ll never grow old,

no stick, no grey hair.


When I see an old lady,

with daughter at side,

I think to myself,

That should be I…


© I Think of You 25/08/2012

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Worldly Winds:

We’ve all been there!

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85 - Under the covers

85 – Under the covers (Photo credit: minxlj)








I’m in a dilemma –

Oh what should I do?

Why is it just me,

that this happens to?


I’m in my posh frock,

peng from head to my toes.

There is just one problem,

the spot on my nose!


It glows like a beacon,

landing the planes,

I really can’t squeeze it,

‘cos I can’t bear the pain!


There’s only one option –

one thing I can do,

hide under my duvet,

and eat a chocolate or two!


© Dilemma 2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

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Slow Day

Stats van www.samoera.com






I’ve checked my stats,

it’s so slow today.

What’s going on?

No one’s reading poetry.


I’ve checked the counter,

and gave it a tap.

I think it is broken -

well… this is crap!


I’ve writ my heart out!

(at least I’ve tried…)

What’s going on?

Have my followers died?


I’m clicking refresh,

and I’ve broken F5!

Still no views -

anyone alive?


I’ll keep a check.

C’mon orange square-

please flash up…

show that someone cares!


© Slow Day 2012

By Alexandra Carr-Malcolm

Stats van http://www.samoera.com (Photo credit: Peter Forret)


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