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Sunshine Award

Today’s post is a little different but I’m sure you will like it.  I was nominated by the beautiful http://theenduringmind.com/  for the Sunshine Award and I am here to share and nominate a few blogs that I love as well:


The rules are very simple for the Sunshine Award:

1. Feature the logo in your post

2. Link the person who nominated you.

3. You all have to check out the blog  http://theenduringmind.com/  it’s the most  inspirational and informed website that I have seen in a while. It takes you through journey’s and you might find  out who you are as an individual.

4.  Write 10 pieces of information about yourself

5.  Nominate ten fellow bloggers “who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”

6.  Leave a comment on each bloggers’ blog and let know about the award!

7.  Leave a comment on each bloggers’ blog and let know about the award!

Well, I did 14 facts yesterday. Who’s ready for 10 more?

Let’s get this started,  here are ten interesting facts about me, want to know  more join the site

1.  I hate to stand in long lines

2.  I love to write poetry and short stories

3.  I don’t have any kids but I only have twin names picked out.

4.  When I was seventeen I wanted to go to the London school of make-up

5.  I have a fascination with London, Paris and Japan

6.  When I was in high school I took a black and white photography class, I love taking pictures and sometimes being in front of the camera.

7.  I love to cook

8.  My favorite foods are Thai, Italian, Sushi and Seafood

9.  I’m going through traumatic events that happened within the last year.  It’s not easy but I take one day at a time.

10. I love to watch fashion shows, learn about the latest make-up trends and try new things.

Here are the 10 blogs and bloggers that I nominate for this wonderful award:

1.  Anastasia  http://www.glamorable.com/  This blog caught my attention and I fell in love with everything beauty.  She has everything that you can imagine to be on this site.

2.  Michelle http://www.blushingreader.com/  If you are having a hard time picking out a book to read then here is your place to go.  Reviews on tons of books.

3.  AJ Alexander http://www.ajlive.com/ This is the number one entertainment site.  Best singers, great management, sexy models and a lot more.

4.  Pachet  Burson  http://theenduringmind.com/ Her site is very inspirational with a lot of things that make you think about your life.  She has so many creative things going on your always wondering what she is going to come up with next

5.  Candace Corey  http://www.candacecorey.com/ One of the best make-up artist in the world. If you don’t know how to apply make-up this is the place to come

6.  http://projectwaking.wordpress.com/ Everything you ever wanted to know about Lucid Dreaming.

7.  20 Lines a Day  http://anexerciseindiscipline.com/  Go to this site to get a variety of  writing and see things from different views.

8. Laura Bloomsbury  http://telltaletherapy.wordpress.com/  She has lots of interesting things on her site and I know you will enjoy it.

9. Rosy http://mistikkal.artistwebsites.com/ Variety of some excellent paintings .

10.  http://whocouldknowthen.wordpress.com/ ex-painter turned story-teller.  HIs words are passionate with a calming effect.  Read one story and you are hooked for more.

Congratulations to al the nominees.

Until  we meet again,

Karrington Kenendy


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Christmas Memories

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

Daily Prompt: Memories of Holidays Past
What is your very favorite holiday? Recount the specific memory or memories that have made that holiday special to you.

Christmas Memories

Christmas used to be so special when I was a little girl growing up with my two brothers.  We had the best tree Dad could find but one year we truly had a very cool tree.  I never knew my parents were cool, I mean really COOL. Yes it was the sixties and that Christmas we saw them set up a funky metal tree.  It came with a color wheel.  Do you know what I mean?  This was something that ran on electricity and had different colored film on it and it would turn our tree Blue then Red I can’t remember all the colors on the wheel but I can tell you our tree was very different compared to the other homes. …

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How to Make a Difference

She is 86 years young. I grew up to this amazing person, my aunt, youngest sister of my mother.

Since I was a toddler, I would walk up the hill to her house, plant flowers with her, watch her can vegetables, help her work in the garden, and help decorate for Christmas.

When I was a young adult, trying to survive a disastrous marriage, be a single mom, work and go to school, she made sure my kids and I had clothes, food, toys. Even today at her last siblings funeral, she smiled at me and said, “Maybe someday I can make up to you all that you have done for me.”

I smiled and quietly whispered, “If I were to live a thousand years I could not begin to make u for all you have done for me.”
I think often of what the world would be like if it were full of people like my aunt. She listens, she cares, she is generous, considerate, loving beyond all reason. I envy her thoughtfulness, honesty, willingness to help, or even to be kind when she disagrees.

If ever there has been a person who is “my precious. Is is my aunt, who is like a “sister”and friend as well. I have shared my joys and sorrows with her, helped her with her ailing elders, and enjoyed visits to her house several times a week, if not more. When I thin of the word, “beautiful”, her face comes to mind. She is the kind of person that makes life worth living on my worst day, a true treasure.

Thanks for being ‘my precious’, Aunt Phib!


Daily Prompt: Fear Factor

My greatest fear is being alone …in a crowd or not…

Air was fully frozen
Winter winds
Set the nights tone

Hallucinating noises
A shift in the shadows
In my mind that are shown

Generations all around me
My focus
It never leaves

Restraint in conscious attention
It’s loneliness
My mind perceives



20 Lines a Day..Thanksgiving Photo Challenge


I am thankful for the new day…timzauto

Happy Thanksgiving to all…

Thanksgiving day is filled with family and friends , I know we are also busy with events , football, eating ..lol and socializing …I would like to challenge you all to just one picture that describes what you are thankful for….so thruout today just snap one picture and post , maybe we all can see the different ways everyone is thankful for….tag your posts with TGphotochallenge so we can check your pics and enjoy your way of being thankful…Thanks for posting and lets get snapping those photos

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Nature as a Child

After the darkness,

Blue skies surround me

Clouds drift on the horizon

Drifting away at last

Every day is different

Fresh and exciting.

Gladly, I look for

Hovering bees and bugs

Ice melted at last.

Just one warm day

Keeps me hoping

Long after cold returns

Moonlight sparkles

Night times stars

Overhead-your head and mine.

Perhaps I treasure nature

Questioning it’s rhythms

Reining in its surprises

Turning from chill to warmth

Until I come upon the first

Violet, a sure sign of spring.

Wonder if other over it as much

X-citined as I am

You may know-tell me

Zestfully smiling.



Autumn’s fingers poke into
blue skies, coloring trees
crimson, orange, yellow and gold,
dusting them with wealth,
expectation of change this time of year.
Frost soon,
gregarious announcer of winter
hunches with gray shoulders as
if it were a cat stretching. An odd
justice creeps over the land,
killing summer, erasing fall, and
lighting the landscape with white
October treasure remains.
Pilfered, we trudge on toward December
quietly, steadily, with
teeth cutting into growth
under the snows.
Violence erupts, blizzard
winds whip with
extraordrinary power,
yammering temperatures to


Daily Prompt: Seven Wonders

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:


Daily Prompt: Seven Wonders

Khalil Gibran once said that people will never understand one another unless language is reduced to seven words. What would your seven words be?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us SEVEN.


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A Promt I Never Finished

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:

Arizona is a place we love but maybe next will be Alaska.

Beantown is where were both born

Clearly we knew each other when we were children

Dreaming back then of being together forever no longer feels like a dream.

Everywhere we go it is so  enjoyable.

Frankly why be with someone if you can not have fun.

Gold prospecting is a blast and when you find some, it always feels good.

Healthy diet is the very best way for us to stay  in good health.

Insecure was I

Just knowing he still loved me brought me such joy.

Knight in shinning armor without knowing he had even been knighted.

Loving and Lovin

Meatloaf is his very favorite meal.

Naughty or nice.

Once not so open.

Pretty yard filled with  posies

Quiet is now quaint

Relax and re-wind

Sending out signals

Time soon  to travel.

Unity  is unclear.

Vast spaces…

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One photograph or 20 lines or less, every day.

Are you writing every day?  Or taking a photograph?  Or doing one creative act that stimulates your mind outside of the routine?

20 Lines a Day is about feeding that creative part of you, to keep you writing, even a little, every day.

Whether it’s a prompt, or an image that moves you, write it down and share it with us.  It does not have to be a finished work — not at all.  The point is to keep writing.

I’ll share an image today.  What will you share?



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Daily Prompt: Exhale/No One Got Hurt

Originally posted on Living and Lovin:


My Last Rig

I started out early one morning yes before the sun came up, as do most truckers.  I had delivered one load of water, with my tanker,  a few hours south of Boston.  I stopped for coffee,  for the ride back up to the mountains for my second load of the day.  I walked around my rig kicking each tire as I do after hauling a load for few hours, all was good they were all still up and lights all were working properly so I made my way back into the driver’s seat.

I made the trip up into the mountains of New Hampshire for another tanker full of Spring Water.  I took three or four loads a day,  six to seven days a week into the bottling plants as we prepared for Y2K, do you remember that in 1999,  as the world worried about life as…

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