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Originally posted on Spirit Led:

Bright Heaven in a sunset, shape of Heart

Soul-heart’s open,
drop it down.
Don’t look to the others
or outside,
the music plays on the inside
the place in the center
where one becomes all,
reaching to the farthest depths
past, present, and future,
all in one heart-shaped box.
Reach into it
dive into it
immerse yourself
in the green glow of healing.
Spread your wings
and touch another
with your grace,
ephemeral beauty
that journeys beyond lifetimes.
Touch each other
with your healing
drop down and settle
into your soul.

©SpiritLed 2015

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Originally posted on Spirit Led:

be the change

Do you see the signs around you?
Do you catch the subtleties
of human form and language,
the gestures that, though invisible,
may signify the change that is to come?

Do you feel it in your bones,
like an ache that cannot be quenched
with all the fire in the universe,
yet softens with only love’s touch?

Do you run in quiet fields
with tall grass, listening to the whisper
as each blade glides against another
as your feet swish in the underbrush
stepping to the time of nature’s rhythm?

Do you laugh as if a child,
with the freedom and grace that is confidence
in endless tomorrows
and eternal play?

Do you gather all the signs,
hold them close to your body
in the place where love enters you,
shout forgiveness and gratitude
and fiery tears into the blackened sky,
counting every blessing, every gift,
every challenge that brought…

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Walking Home

Originally posted on Spirit Led:


First pause after the rotation of the calendar
generates an achiness,
a wisdom yearning to break free

feels like blue-green waves,
rumbles like thunder on a summer night,
flashes like heat lightning,
flaring up, divinely beautiful,
yet causing no real harm

provides only a map against the night sky
a brief illumination –
catch a glimpse and then it’s gone –
emblazoned emblem
holds the future in momentary display
and then darkness,
an achy rumbling,
walking home

©SpiritLed 2015

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A World Worth Saving

Originally posted on Spirit Led:

Save the heart

And there you spend your waking days
rising like the sun in the east
setting right all the painful wrongs
that ever crossed the lips of man

There you cross the valley
lighting up the shadows
that were once so carelessly tossed aside
by evil, hidden from the light of man

And there you lie down,
let the waves wash over you,
the sand bury your bones
until you rise up again,
as every drop, as every sea

you rise up as the bearer of wings
that drop their feathers like hope,
to the ground, a blanket of healing dreams
for a world worth saving

©SpiritLed 2015

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Angel Inside

Originally posted on Spirit Led:

2015-01-14 14.19.03

The angel inside
wishes to tell you a secret:

that you are a life worth living
a dream worth having
that your very existence
brightens the earth
in a way no other can
that the light inside your soul
is not mean not meant to be hidden
or denied
but is your gift to the world
this life that you live now
is your impact on humankind
a model for generations to come
death will not absolve you
but rather, lift you into the night
a shining beacon for all wish to follow

Live this life well
find your peace within
do minimal harm
right your wrongs whenever possible
shine your beacon for those who struggle
those who wrong you
those who are difficult to understand

and most importantly
shine for yourself
illuminate your own path
don’t wait for someone to do it for you
all that you will ever…

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Originally posted on Spirit Led:

white water lilly flower

In the dim light
of morning
voices tumble
clang inside
the troubled mind
searching for an anchor
an open port
a place to call home
to row into shore
build rapport
with the locals
learn the customs
receive guidance
become One

The voices they call
in the distance
from the darkest recesses
they make their presence known
seek a way to enter
take up residence
bring the peace
and reassurance
long to become One

In oneness we unite
cleanse the debris
from even the darkest soul
bring the night from the shadows
into pure white light
of forgiveness
an end to suffering
connection to the One

©SpiritLed 2014

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The Bridge

Originally posted on Spirit Led:

Rope Bridge Above The Clouds

Each day as you stand
with toes pressed against
the crumbling edge
of the bottomless crevasse,
struggling to keep your balance
as the weight of the world
pushes hard against your back,
forcing you forward,

know that with each tentative step
you build the bridge
lay the planks
secure the nails
create a handrail for those
who will follow

the bridge you can’t yet see
is yours to build,
each step along the way
forging the path
to an uncertain
but ordained future

©SpiritLed 2014

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