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Originally posted on Spirit Led:

Bright Heaven in a sunset, shape of Heart

Soul-heart’s open,
drop it down.
Don’t look to the others
or outside,
the music plays on the inside
the place in the center
where one becomes all,
reaching to the farthest depths
past, present, and future,
all in one heart-shaped box.
Reach into it
dive into it
immerse yourself
in the green glow of healing.
Spread your wings
and touch another
with your grace,
ephemeral beauty
that journeys beyond lifetimes.
Touch each other
with your healing
drop down and settle
into your soul.

©SpiritLed 2015

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To Write a Poem — To Melissa

So long so empty, words a stranger. Now
returned I feel their knock upon my door.
A stage performer takes another bow,
and here she comes to give her third encore.

A thirst for writing blew its desert wind.
I wrote a line but failed at metaphors.
Each time I tried, my writing efforts thinned,
I saw no waves upon the waiting shores.

What would I do to bring my words again?
How would I come to write my poetry?
Melissa’s 20 Lines has been the ken
that opened up the lock box with her key.

And so I find a structure here, a friend
who recognizes gardens we can tend.


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