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If I told you a story would you sit there and listen,
Would you interrupt and ask questions.
Would you tell me your honest opinion about what you think, instead of what somebody told you.
Would you just say that she is playing the victim or see the progress she has made.
Or would you just be one of those people who are ignorant to society and never deserved to hear my story  in the first  place



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The full moon hangs heavy
in the sky just before dawn
pregnant with the weight
of new beginning
a mystical ball of way-showing light
that speaks in silence
to the many who clamor to kneel
before its placement in the heavens
a throne of ruby-ringed stardust
and a thousand twinkling courtiers
bleed across the darkened canvas
of the mind’s eye
in the holy sanctum
of the soul
where heart light resides
in a private universe
charged with the promise
of Hope

©SpiritLed 2014


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