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A very unscientific poll: Which eBook reader do you use?

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Remember when you were in elementary school

And everything seemed so easy, care-free and natural.

Everybody would write you a note and say,

Do you like me? Please check yes,no or maybe

Those were the days

Now you have to worry about

Is he married, how many kids he has.

Just for one second sometimes you wish you could go back to the days of knowing just by a check mark.


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The miracle of the night,

Its darkness, so bright.

I am immersed in the shine,

My desire being my whine.

This night is different,

As its affect is so vibrant.

I want to glow this night,

Even if it is not right.

This night is seductive,

As well as obstructive,

Towards the deals I have for tomorrow,

But if I sleep, I would go into deep sorrow.

I want to live this night,

This night so bright.

Within Dreams – (Weekly Challenge)

Sliding down a silvery thread

into a woven web of memories.

Through the maze of shadows

moving closer towards the light.

Loving family long ago lost

gently whispering and calling.

Nearer now the shadows change

forming shapes and figures.

Arms reaching the light brighter

a warm feeling of belonging.

Safe surrounded by a circle of love

when the real world is too much.



I received a call this morning from one of the librarians at our public library. She asked whether I might call N.B., whom I do not know, as she has self-published a book of poetry, and her editor has sadly passed away. She’s looking for someone else to take on the job.

So I called her, and it turns out that she is involved with Create Space, and has her pages print-ready. What she’s looking for is someone who will use a computer to send everything to CS electronically. She doesn’t have, nor does she want, a computer, but needs someone to do this work for her. I’ve not worked with Create Space, but it looks fairly standard as far as self-publishing goes. She also wants me to take a look at her poetry and make suggestions. However, I can tell that she’s more interested in just having me take over getting her material to CS via computer.

I believe I can do that, and I’m happy to look at her poems as well. She wants to pay me, but I haven’t a clue as to what to charge. She won’t name a price. Her previous editor was doing this as a gift to her. So, if any of you have done any editing, would you please tell me what you feel an appropriate charge would be, either by the hour or per page?

Thank you.


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